The History Of Social Media Websites

The History Of Social Media Websites

Man has always been a social animal and hence, has always lived in complex social structures.
The Internet added a new dimension to this aspect through the concept of social media websites.

How It All Started

As the Internet began to permeate into every home, teenagers found a new way of expression via the Internet. One way teens found of sharing common interests with other like-minded teenagers was through MySpace. This mode of expression had no immediate checks or rules clamped on by adults– parents actually felt safer having their teenagers play on their computers at home instead of partying outside.

Teenagers as well as adults found MySpace to be exceptionally fast and viable way of communicating with one another. They could use Myspace –and now Facebook or Second Life– to interact with one another, to share files with one another, and to coach one another into the fulfillment of their dreams.

The popularity of social networking websites grew with the need for the teenagers to have a space of their own, away from the prying eyes of their parents and other “responsible” adults. What resulted was an extremely healthy and effective way of communication that spread like wild fire across the globe gaining thousands, if not, millions of members every day.

Until a few years ago, even though millions of teenagers spent hours on MySpace, many adults did not even know of its existence. Unfortunately, as social media websites became more popular and … Read more

Money Aids To Define The Value Of Time

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We have heard the adage “Time is Money” – its neither a bad idea nor a crude definition, what it really does is to emphasize the importance of time management, for anyone and specially the entrepreneur who is keen on establishing a routine in business, while trying to practise the skillful art of delegating business chores to others.

When it comes to time management, the entrepreneur is no different from anyone else, salesmen, full-time or part-time workmen/women, or even those who work on a commission basis, after all it is his/her own time to spend effectively or wastefully. When the salaried employee whose stake is minimal in the business, can calculate his/her earning rate per hour, it is all the more relevant for the entrepreneur businessman, to be able to reckon his /her earning rate in dollars.

Normally business owners have to engage in a number of critical activities, which include planning, organizing co-coordinating and reviewing, directly and through on-line systems, which often extends working from a few hours to 18 or 20 hours per day except perhaps sleeping time. What really gets misplaced or pushed to the background is how best the time is spent, or how well he/she practices the delicate art of time management.

Money value: It becomes imperative to devise a way of knowing whether the time spent is worth the value/return. The easiest and simplest method seems to be a money value for each hour spent in dollars or cents. Somewhere, one … Read more