Pinterest for Business Promoting Your Business through Pinterest

Pinterest for Business – Promoting Your Business through Pinterest

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Social media and social networking sites have been sprouting like mushrooms. Considering its hype through out the years, it is no wonder that its here to stay. From Facebook to Twitter, another social media site is making waves. This is called interest.
Interest is an online virtual pin board that lets you create your own visual board. Imagine taking some pictures that inspire you and pinning it to your cork board on your table or in your room. Interest holds the same concept. However, the images are online and can come from different people or different sites. What makes this so unique is that it is visually appealing and enticing. The pictures are the things that will really get you hooked. If you have pictures and images to share, interest is highly recommended.

With these things in mind, exactly how can you promote your business in interest? What makes this different from Facebook and Twitter? And how far is its reach? Is it even helpful if you create an account there?

Pinterest, being a social media and networking site, holds the same concept with its counterparts. However, tweets and statuses are not its core, rather it works and revolves around pictures. As a business owner, this is one key advantage that you can use. You can take pictures of your items and post them on your interest account. Make sure you set it to PUBLIC for everyone to see … Read more