Skin Care Review: Neutralyze Anti-Acne Solution

I have suffered from acne in most of my teenage years and today in my own 20s, it is still having difficulties to control and maintain a clear body. I have tried many acne treatments but none of them have helped me overtime. Some do help me reduce some of the inflammation and may help me treat current acne but after a while it puts a stop to working.

I ended up using most since it was the waste products of money. I only use benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid every once in awhile to help me with it. I had the possibility to try this relative line of acne treatment from Neutralize. I must be honest, I have low expectations because of this kind of treatment kits because of my numerous disappointing activities with them. It relieves swelling and inflammation while promoting natural dermis therapeutic to help be rid of acne quickly. It claims to work effectively for cystic acne, pimples, blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, acne scarring, and post-acne marks. It includes 1% salicylic acid and 1% mandelic acid.

It minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. The system involves three steps: Face Wash (3.3 FL OZ), Spot Treatment (1.0 FL OZ), and Synergyzer (1.0 FL OZ). The facial skin rinse will come in a vinyl bottle with a pressed cover. The design is very efficient and simple.

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The product comes out with a little effort and the merchandise stays fresh. Both the Location Synergyzer and Treatment have the same kind of presentation. It really is a plastic bottle with a pump. The pump is nice and sturdy. The facial skin wash is a gentle cleanser and it does a good job at cleaning without irritating the skin.

It is a white and the feel is light. It does not lather a great deal but it can its job. Since from the outside the bottle has a blue tint The product was expected by me to have a light tint but it seems clear. It has a light consistency and it does have a subtle scent but it fades away after a few minutes.

It is not hard to use and it dries out perfectly and smoothly. It generally does not leave any visible residue. It has the same reliability as the Spot Treatment and it includes an obvious appearance. It goes on smoothly and it is not visible. After my first night by using this set, I had been so shocked and impressed. I had formed two painful cysts on my chin, so I applied the location Treatment and Synergyzer after cleansing my face with the facial skin wash. My acne was not gone, but their appearance was completely different.

The irritation was reduced and they were not as distressing as the day before. I did not be expectant of that whatsoever. I had experienced some minimizes from other acne treatments before but not so quickly. A day I continue to utilize it twice. The pimples fade away after a couple of days (almost weekly). It was not just a fast three-day wonder nevertheless they appearance began varying and their size reduce when I continue to utilize it.

This face rinse is going on my list of favorites. It is light, creamy, non-irritating, and gentle. It generally does not have a strong scent. It generally does not cause inflammation and it leaves my pores and skin refreshing and clean. I am also please to learn that it does not dry out my skin.

After I wash my face, it generally does not leave my epidermis perception small or dehydrated. It feels smooth and plump. So I have no negative feedback relating to this face scrub much. The solution goes on smoothly and it is sticky although it starts to dry but once it is absorbed into the skin it becomes smooth.

It is recommended to wait 5 – ten minutes before moving to the next step. I usually hold out about 10 minutes. This Spot Treatment contains Salicylic acid and Mandelic acid. This is my first time learning about Mandelic Acid. It really is AHA that originates from almonds. I am a major fan of AHA products because they soothing exfoliate my epidermis.