Is Something Bothering You Really?

Stress seems to be a common feeling that people can all (unfortunately) relate with. I can’t stand to discuss it too much, here on Summertime Breeze especially, because complaining doesn’t really help anything, would it? And too, I feel somewhat guilty complaining about being stressed, when I understand there are so many worse issues to have in life. I will say, though, in talking with many friends (in all different friend organizations) before couple of weeks, stress is a common denominator and is what brought on today’s post. However the bottom line is that when it involves stress, it requires to be maintained (even if it is ‘good stress’).

I believe that it is different for everybody but I’ve a few tips that really help me to control my stress. I thought I’d talk about my tips hoping you may reveal yours in the feedback below (so that we can all study from one another)! 1 biggest tip. Do you get so overwhelmed that you feel as if you are on the verge of tears? That’s energy– a great deal of energy. I love to take the anxious, upsetting energy that I feel and utilize it to propel me forward sometimes. I get going, I make a plan, I cross things off.

In truth, sometimes (not at all always), I feel like after i am stressed, I actually get things done more efficiently and faster. Is something really bothering you? Sometimes something bothers me a lot, I get a one track mind (it’s sometimes something important, but way more, it’s often something stupid and out of my control). But my one track brain prohibits me from concentrating on other things. To get it out, It is written by me all out. Everything I am thinking, feeling, etc. I purge out onto paper and it works every single time.

This kind of complements writing it down, but list making is so calming to me. On the other hand, I am Type A majorly, but I find when I have much going on and too much on my brain too, that making an in depth list helps quite a bit. And that means you have a ton heading on?

1 on your list- not skipping lunch time and getting streamers for your friend’s birthday supper that night time. It’s times when you have a great deal going on to let the little things fall to the wayside. Your friend isn’t heading to love you less if you arrive to her birthday dinner sans streamers, however your boss is going to be annoyed if your presentation isn’t completed.

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I apply this rule to everything in my life. Are you experiencing something that is bothering you during the night? Go to bed. Do you have a huge paper due in just a few days? Work on it a little, the morning then go to bed and re-read it in. Oftentimes, At night I am going to write a blog post, day go to bed and then focus on it another.

Seeing something after being well-rested is relaxing and enables you to refocus. I even do this with shopping. 100, I wait a few days to take into account it. If I am still great deal of thought in just a few days, that’s how I know I really want to buy. Seriously, that is saying something via me considering I am coffee’s biggest enthusiast.