180,000 The State’s Governor Is Paid

115 million to renovate the almost one-hundred year-old pier. Navy Pier, dubbed as Illinois’ biggest visitor attraction, had been under the control of the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, referred to as McPier commonly, which oversees McCormick Place also, the country’s largest convention middle. In 2010 2010, the legislature made the decision that both McCormick Place and Navy Pier would be better off under private operators and exceeded legislation achieving that aim over the objections of Gov. Pat Quinn, who was simply concerned that the private operators would be able to skirt condition purchasing guidelines. The Democratic-controlled legislature’s major concern in wanting to privatize Chicago’s principal convention and visitor location was to side-step the unions it complained were driving up costs too much.

Through a competitive bidding process, McPier granted the management of McCormick Spot to SMG. The power required a different tact in privatizing Navy Pier, which allowed it to skirt the public bidding process entirely required under the enabling privatization rules. McPier entered into a 3-year, one dollar a year contract with a newly-created nonprofit corporation, Navy Pier, Inc., (“NPI”) to use Navy Pier. 180,000 the state’s governor is paid.

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One of the bigger-paid employees is the child of the long-time political adviser to Daley, Tim Degnan. 37,500 to top professionals. 2.8 million for incomes. Notwithstanding Reilly’s claims that NPI’s control of Navy Pier would be less political, the Sun-Times discovered that former Mayor Richard Daley’s politics hands were all around the deal. Daley’s previous chief of personnel, John Schmidt, included Navy Pier, Inc. just weeks before Daley remaining office.

NPI’s plank included Daley’s child, his former advertising campaign chairman, two of his previous chiefs of staff, his former top city lawyer and civic leaders Daley counted among his campaign supporters and contributors. NPI won’t react to requests about who it employs or how much they may be paid, arguing that its records are exempt from state law since it’s not a governmental agency, a position backed by Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office. 115 million in taxpayer dollars allocated to renovating the facility.

Similarly, the Sun-Times finds that choosing Chicago, the city’s convention and travel and leisure bureau, won’t produce any of its records in response to public records requests, a position supported by Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office. Half of Choose Chicago’s financing comes from the town of Chicago and the McPier Authority, which rely on a number of taxes to fund grants designed to Choose Chicago. 412,000 it will pay to Don Welsh as its CEO. Welsh previously offered as CEO of Visit Indy before taking the working job in Chicago.

Choose Chicago is also not subject to public audit requirements despite the millions in taxpayer dollars it receives annually. Chicago will need to have decided to have a page out of Indianapolis’ downtown mafia’s playbook. They are using nonprofits like Indianapolis Downtown, Inc., the higher Indianapolis Progress Committee, Visit Indy, etc. to divert tens of millions of public taxes dollars to be able to shield how the money is being spent from the public’s view. At least someone in the mass media in Chicago is complaining about any of it.