The Well-Rounded Mama

We’ve been talking about Obesity Eugenics, when authorities try to keep folks of size from reproducing through negative mass media campaigns, scare tactics, risk hyperbole, apocryphal tales, push for normal BMI before conception, and pressure for termination or sterilization. This insensitive and discriminatory movement is the winner of not one incredibly, but two-Turkey Awards. It is time to call out these egregious practices. Last year’s Turkey Award was postponed so I’m doing 2 yrs in a row now. I’ve already done the first fifty percent; attention to the Obesity Eugenics Media Campaign. Now you have to highlight the egregious insufficient usage of fertility treatment for individuals of size.

Denying usage of fertility treatment via BMI restrictions is a widely-accepted practice in the medical community. It really is powered by risk hyperbole, economics, and weight bias. In many fertility clinics these full times, women above a certain BMI are not permitted to gain access to fertility treatments. The very first thing out of the gynecologist’s mouth was, “How much do you weigh”.

“Do you realize how obese you are?” I then informed her I have already been working hard to lose weight through exercise and diet, thinking to cut her off before she experienced her fat-bashing rant. As I described that I acquired lost 15kg since January, was doing 90 minutes of cardio at the gym 5 times weekly, and eating a low GI, low-fat, low-carb diet. She rolled her eyes at me in disbelief.

Her reply was, “You are too excess fat for a child. I shall help you”. I used to be stunned. I assume she got the stunned silence as contract because then she whipped out the lapbanding pamphlet and told me I needed weight-reduction surgery. Stories abound of women denied fertility treatment because of weight. Pregnancy is supposed to be natural and beautiful and it could be neither at your bodyweight. It is advisable to lose 100 pounds then come back. Here is a story from the comments section of the defunct blog, My OB Said What? RE last time, but she’s since retired and the only person around shall not treat me due to my weight.

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He won’t do any infertility treatment on you unless you have a BMI under 30! I needed an amazing being pregnant and a wholesome baby! I have a medical disease and concern, I do not deserve to have children. I can’t start about how this way of thinking pisses me off even!

BMI restricts on fertility treatment is one of the most accepted ways doctors try to keep obese women from reproducing. It’s another step on the path towards Obesity Eugenics. It’s true that heavier women have higher rates of fertility problems. However, it is critical to note that because you are larger, it doesn’t imply you should have trouble expecting.