WindowsLinux Mint Is A PIECE OF CAKE

Dolby may have made a great deal of Android users irritated by only offering their Atmos surround sound equalizer to Lenovo and Amazon, but everybody knows that exclusivity is temporary in the Android world. Thanks to worstenbrood, we’ve a ported version that may be installed on any device operating Android 4.3 and above. This app needs to be installed via TWRP, so make sure you have an unlocked bootloader before trying this install. Step 1Download Dolby Atmos ZIPGrab a duplicate of the Dolby Atmos .zip file, then boot your device into TWRP.

On most devices, this can be attained by pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power buttons until the device reboots. Step 2Flash the ZIP FileIn TWRP, tap “Install” and choose the .zip document you downloaded previously. The Wix blog editor makes it easy to add text, photos & videos in just a few clicks. Make every post stunning! Keep the conversation going. Topic: WindowsLinux Mint is a breeze. Here’s our top tips I think Linux Mint isn’t just a great desktop, it’s a great alternative to Windows.

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