Exploring Linux Distros: October 2019

Last week I really was busy trying out the Ubuntu Quantal Quetzal releases on my Core i3 and Core i7 laptops. Lubuntu, arguably, was the quickest of the complete lot and I was amazed by the speed it offered. However, there is a desktop in my house, from my student days, a 2.4 GHz Pentium IV (solitary primary), 1.5 GB DDR RAM PC. Mostly it is used by my kid to watch rhymes or my wife/parents check their mails.

I no longer use it for just about any creation work. It runs Bodhi Linux but challenges a bit to try out media files even in Bodhi. Last month I tested a number of modern distros, but except Bodhi do not require did work effortlessly onto it. Gleam separate installation of Linux Mint Julia onto it – just to play live blast of TV channels or sports matches. Why I am giving so much of an intro? Because yesterday I booted up Puppy Precise 5.4 on it and was floored by the speed and multi-tasking ability it offered!

  • Fully multi-platform, though I have only been using the Windows version
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Amazing is a smaller word for it! I don’t think I’ve ever used any distro faster than this on the Intel P4 PC that I have! From Lucid Puppy to Precise Puppy, interface remains more or less the same – JWM desktop manager, but it is more processed in Precise.

Booting time has reduced perceivably, wifi and display settings (1366×768) are found automatically now – no need for any manual configurations. It has really a long set of applications to provide and you could usage of Ubuntu repositories to download more! Puppy Precise 5.4 ISO is around 165 MB but if you go through the software list, it’ll keep you surprised! It may not have all of your preferred applications but it offers at least one app for your every processing need.

Audio-video codecs are in-built and things work out of the container. After booting Immediately, I possibly could watch movies and pay attention to music without any hassle. Online live stream and YouTube videos work well with Puppy dog really. Puppy uses Adobe flash plugins 10, which is a much better option for hardware with limited capacity. Puppy Precise 5.4 offers both Ubuntu Precise repositories and Puppy Precise apps.

I downloaded VLC 2.0.3, GIMP 2.8, Pidgin, etc. from the repositories, and they worked with no dependency issues. So, in a nutshell, the majority of the Ubuntu applications should work on Puppy Precise. How Puppy performs on modern hardware? Understandably Puppy worked well with my antiquated system – but, isn’t it supposed to work by doing so? What’s so great about any of it?