Install SATA Hard Drive

The subsequent boot take a look at will likely be achieved after the drives are put in, particularly the laborious drive and optical drive, corresponding to a DVD RW drive. Most computer systems don’t want more than this. A single onerous drive supplies an enormous amount of storage space. And the DVD RW drive handles each DVD’s and CD’s. Unplug all the pieces from the rear of the computer, together with the power cord, monitor cable, keyboard cable, and mouse cable.

The Antec Sonata three laptop case has room for 4 internal 3.5 inch inside arduous drives. Remove one of the drive trays by squeezing the 2 locking clips collectively and sliding the tray out. The laborious drive fastens to the tray on the black rubber washers. The rubber washers help keep the pc quiet by dampening the hard drive vibration. Use four of the arduous drive mounting screws that came with the Antec Sonata 3 computer case, as proven in the upper left of the second picture.

The tray attaches to the onerous drive by way of the underside of the tray. The screws are inserted by way of the underside of the tray via the rubber washers and into the exhausting drive. The exhausting drive holes for the screws are on the underside of the hard drive and are circled in yellow in the image below. The tray can be attached the other means round, so the rear of the arduous drive faces away in the image.

The benefit with doing it as proven is that the connectors on the rear on the drive are simple to access once the arduous drive tray is reinserted again into the bay. There’s an advantage to doing it the opposite approach, too, which is that the cables run a lot less cluttered if they connect on the far facet of the drive. You’ll see what I mean more clearly shortly when the drive tray is reinserted back into the computer. Either way you do it is okay, just personal preference.

Slide the laborious drive tray again into the bay till it clicks into place. The connector circled is the SATA arduous drive power receptacle for the ability connector. The connector circled is the connector for the SATA cable. Circled are the jumper pins. No jumper is required to change the hard drive configuration. The Gigabyte P55A-UD4P motherboard comes with SATA cables just like the one proven beneath in the primary image.

There are eight SATA connectors on the Gigabyte P55A-UD4P motherboard, six SATA 3Gb/s and two SATA 6Gb/s. All eight are circled, arranged on the motherboard in 4 towers of 2 connectors every. The 2 SATA 6 Gb/s connectors are the rightmost tower in the image. Plug the other finish of the SATA cable into the motherboard SATA header.

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The connection is keyed so it can be plugged in solely a method. It does not matter which of the six SATA 3Gb/s headers is used, which is nice as a result of they are quite inconvenient to attach a SATA cable to given their proximity to the drive bays and video card. In truth, among the SATA headers are actually below the video card. Select a SATA energy connector from the bundle of energy connectors popping out of the power provide like the one proven.

The ability connector is also keyed so it may possibly only plug in a method. Notice the ability cord can be utilized to energy up to 2 SATA exhausting drives since it has two power connectors, one on the tip of the cord and one partway again on the cord. Plug the SATA power connector into the back of the SATA laborious drive.

The back of the SATA exhausting drive now appears like this inside the computer case with these two connections made to the back of the drive. And here is how the inside of the pc case appears to be like with these connections made and with the DVD RW optical drive and SATA hard drive installed. Things are starting to get a bit cluttered inside, aren’t they?