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You will never be required to set up new motorists for windows 10. This is done automatically. Season to try it and if your not happy you can remove it You have up to 1 1. I’ve it and I and enjoying it certainly. Your computer also is faster. I just want to know if you will see any issue when I am going to upgrade? Could have no nagging problem, did mine with dual boot.

Windows created a dual shoe startup option to allow me to choose my operating system. I put Windows 7 Home windows and Pro 8.1 Pro. Finally having been trapped on the foolish report unavailable message for more than a week it changed to good to go today. I have no idea why it trapped such a long time, all day while my wife’s PC is hardly ever on and got cleared days ago the PC is on. All may not be lost! Between XP and Windows 7 some big changes were made consequently drivers sometimes did not work, though in a few cases work around do.

I was given the impression that after 7 the driver model was held stable. If anyone can verify or refuse that, I too would welcome the news headlines. I have windows 8.1, easily get the windows 10 upgrade what happens to windows 8.1 on my Drive D? I don’t have enough GB’S on Drive D for both 8.1 and 10 on Drive D partition?

Sounds like your good to go and windows 10 is fantastic. A couple of many of us with what are classed as ‘small devices’ ie. 16 GB free storage space. A couple of rumours but I wait to hear anything clear from MS on how it will help us up grade. It’s the upgrade process, not running W10 actually, which is the presssing issue, for my new W8 even.1 device.

We are probably going to have to use the ISO route, which seems much too complicated for me. I have just read an extremely detailed article on it. Does anyone has any more info on what’s planned? This article is useless. I had Windows 8.1 and downloaded Windows 10 Pro insider preview evaluation copy.

When I scanned my Windows 7 machine, it said Windows 10 was incompatible due to the integrated images (but I forgot exactly what it said, therefore i again attempted it, which time it said it was OK). MUST I buy a images card or not. Will I have the ability to revert to Windows 7? Some time back, the Windows 10 icon appears and of course I examined to see if my laptop was compatible for Windows 10 and it was. I then reserved my copy for Windows 10 and was sent verification of my reservation via email. Yesterday Just, I noticed I had formed a few important updates to download in Windows Update and I did so the update.

I rebooted my laptop so when Windows came back up, the Windows 10 icon was longer in my own taskbar no. I think it is impossible that my laptop that was totally compatible would become not compatible due to a Windows update. Is this a nagging problem or must i not be concerned? I forgot to state which i am running Windows 8.1 Home.