Are Beauty Pageants A Good Thing?

Just because many people can’t achieve something based on predetermined attributes will not imply that said thing is bad. But it also doesn’t mean that said thing is worth honoring either. It’s precisely how a person was created. Just how one looks is determined by his/her genes. It’s not an art they have achieved.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being beautiful, that beauty is not just a skill. Just because you select an attribute and judge, it does not mean it is the most important attribute. Agreed, but pageants select an attribute that requires no skill or skill and then judge and honor people predicated on that.

It’s giving importance to something that ought to have none of them and it does make us superficial. If they want to keep that beauty than they do, you will find loads of people who had been attractive when these kids but lost their beauty because of stupid choices and not exercising. They did not lose their beauty. They don’t fit the current cultural ideal of beauty simply, which changes as time passes.

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Being thick was once the ideal, but it is usually to be stick slim now. Beauty is in the attention of the beholder. Well, what have athletes, singers, stars, comedians, etc. ever done in terms of contribution to society? Just because they provide no practical use does not make them bad. Athletes, singers, stars, and comedians all provide a service to society called entertainment.

If you want to blame society for being too centered on looks in that case, your gripe is with the journals and the advertisements that are informing unattractive girls they are useless and not with pageants. It really is with both. The problem is that pageants compound the issue of over-emphasizing beauty (with only one standard from it, which makes it very much worse).

“How dare you pay back my kindness in this way? I have enabled you to enter into my home, I have fed you, I have enabled you to rest by my warm fires, and you decide to grab from my garden in exchange yet? ” bellowed an angry beast. The surprise product owner stammered on quickly, “I-I’m ss-s-sorry, I simply wanted to bring my youngest d-d-daughter a rose. “I possibly could punish you for this; however, I’ve a much better idea. Bring me one of your daughters.

She will live here with me and keep my company before the end of her days.” the beast explained. The merchant traveled home quickly, clutching the rose he had stolen from the Beast’s garden. When he appeared home his daughters were overjoyed to see him. The eldest daughters’ happiness only lasted until they noticed their father had come home bare handed.

“What exactly are we supposed to do now?” the middle daughter wailed. Their dad, exhausted after his horrible journey, simply sighed and considered Beauty. He stretched out his hand and presented the most beautiful red rose. The older sisters too covered up in their lack of fortune, did not pay attention to their father’s story. They didn’t even listen to when Beauty said that she would go to the Beast’s palace in their father’s place.

“Beauty, my child, you are so kind, but I cannot enable you to sacrifice yourself for me,” her father began. The very next day Beauty and her father rode off towards Beast’s palace again. Beauty was nervous about what she will discover. She knew from her father’s tale that she’d not want to bring lots of items, for the Beast’s palace was large and seemed to have everything. Instead she simply brought her most cherished books, each of which had several wildflowers tucked in between the pages.

Interestingly, Beauty acquired also brought along two of her little duckling friends from the fish pond near her house. She often played with them and over the full years they had even begun to sleep in her room. They were her closest friends, and since she knew she would be very lonely in such a sizable castle, she thought we would bring them along. When they finally arrive at the large castle gates, Beauty’s dread lessened as she handed down by the beautiful blossoms and roses in the garden. She was still in awe as they approached the hinged doorways of the castle; however, when she saw the Beast for the first time in the castle entrance, Beauty was overwhelmed with fear.