Notice That Employment Or Business CONTINUES TO BE Discontinued (Form C-13) – TWC

You can notify TWC of the discontinuation of work or business online using Unemployment Tax Services. To submit this change online requires enrollment with the Unemployment Tax Services system. During the quick and simple registration process, users build a User ID and password that will be used each time they access the online system. To make a User ID and password, visit Unemployment Tax Services.

Once logged in, select the Account Info tab and then choose the Update/Close Tax Account link located in the Quick Links package. Amended Status Report (Form C-1AM): To amend previously submitted Status Reports, update account acknowledge and information acquisitions, and to reopen or close a merchant account. Status Change Form (Form C-3SCF): To notify TWC of any changes in the employer’s business.

Application for Termination of Coverage (Form C-71): To terminate coverage under the Texas Unemployment Compensation Act. This software must be filed between January 1 and March 31 in the entire year of termination so long as the employer is qualified to receive termination as provided in Section 206.004. A postmark of March 31st or earlier is appropriate.

Distribution and PR personnel. Data collected from sources beyond your business. The data may still be useful but there are numerous limitations since it has been gathered for other purposes. Internet: provides all sorts of information, but the info must be validated. Trade and employer associations: gives information on things within an industry. Newspapers: about the economy and disposable income of employees.

Government reviews and statistics: includes things such as age ranges and culture. General market trends agencies’ reviews: detailed reports on the overall economy. Secondary research is often a much cheaper way of obtaining information. It also gains access to data which cannot be gathered by primary research such as government issues or the economy.

Who carries out market research? Normally, research is performed by any business who needs it. In smaller businesses, owners use secondary research since they cannot afford to conduct primary research. However, if a business has enough money, it can afford to have a specialist market research agency to do the extensive research for it.

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The precision of market research depends on the way the research was conducted and how carefully samples have been selected. A sample needs to be truly representative of the total inhabitants, hence a quota test is used. The bigger the sample, the greater accurate the results. Questionnaires need to be tested on a little group of people to find out if there are misinterpretations. The questionnaires will be modified to be as clear as is possible. Data collected by others might not be accurate, since it was used for other purposes. Data can be out of date.

All in all, it must never be assumed that information gathered from market research is completely correct. Who do I need to ask? Where will I carry out my questionnaire? Ask only 12 questions. Make the questions simple. The answers should be easy to collate enough. Use choice of age groups. Avoid misleading the interviewee with questions.

The order of the questions should be reasonable. How you will ask the relevant questions. How you will collate the total results. Where will you ask the relevant questions? Who are you going to ask? How many people will be asked? When do you want to ask the relevant questions? Analyzing the results should be straightforward if you have easily collated the info. It simply involves reading the answers and thinking about what they mean. It takes practice, so open your books to pages 271 and 272 and let’s do the case studies!