We Aimed TO MAKE An Informative

Potential acupuncture patients look for information about acupuncture from various sources including websites, a lot of which are unreliable. We directed to generate an informative, clinically accurate and participating website to teach patients about acupuncture for back again pain and modify their beliefs in a way that might improve its clinical results. We used emotional techniques and theory to create an evidence-based website, incorporating media elements. We conducted qualitative “think audio-recorded interviews to elicit consumer views of the web site aloud”. A convenience sample of ten participants (4 male; aged 21-64 years from the local community) viewed the website in the existence of the researcher and spoke their thoughts out loud. Comments were categorized by subject.

The website includes 11 main pages and addresses key topics appealing to potential acupuncture patients, including beneficial and adverse effects, mechanisms of action, safety, practicalities, and patients’ encounters of acupuncture. It offers information through text, evidence summaries and audio-clips of four patients’ tales and two acupuncturists’ explanations of their practice, and three short films.

Evidence from the think aloud research was used to identify opportunities to make the website more interesting, participating, and user-friendly. Using a combination of mental theory and qualitative interviews allowed us to produce a user-friendly, evidence-based website that will probably change patients’ beliefs about acupuncture for back again pain. Before using the web site in clinical settings it is necessary to test its results on key outcomes including patients’ beliefs and convenience of making informed choices about acupuncture. We use cookies to help provide and improve our tailor and service content and ads. By continuing you agree to the utilization of cookies.V. ScienceDirect is an authorized trademark of Elsevier B.V.

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