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The first thing I wish to point out here’s that there are a lot of ways to find out what your son or daughter is doing that may be considered very intrusive. I am going to try to steer from those methods because they really boundary on creating trust issues, etc. If you aren’t skilled at using Facebook, check out a few of my other articles if you have problems.

A lot of people make things more difficult than they need to be. If you suspect your son or daughter is on Facebook, seek out him before you spend hours doing anything else. Of course your child could have changed his or her settings to prevent his or her name from appearing in results, but there’s a good chance she or he never even looked at their privacy controls.

The catch here’s what you’ll probably need a Facebook accounts to do any other thing more than a basic search. So head on over to Facebook and create a merchant account for yourself. It’ll make the whole process simpler. Once you finish making a merchant account, type in your child’s name in the search pub and strike enter. Then filter it down to “People” on the left side.

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You can filter down the results as the thing is fit, but make sure you search all the web pages. If your child has a common name that produces 500 pages of results, remember – you called him. If you run into profiles that don’t possess a picture or have an odd image like the picture above, make sure you click on the links and check them out.

As an aspect note, Facebook attempts to determine who you will know based on your own information. If you put in the same location, hometown, etc. as your child, the chances of him showing up in the very best results are much better. In order you’re going through the list and you can’t appear to find your child, don’t be concerned.