About Us

Kathy Naomi England is a 61-year-old gallery-commissioned artist whose life is dominated by resolving the murder of her fifty percent sis, Bryony England. Bryony was fired in 2014 and the killer was never ever taken to court.

She is American, that specifies herself as gay. She completed college and afterwards left the academic community. She dislikes latex. She is stressed with cosplay.

Physically, Kathy remains in respectable shape. She is tall with walnut skin, grey hair and black eyes.

She matured in a top class area. Her mommy left when she was young, leaving her with her papa, that was a drunk.

She is currently in a connection with Rose Charlene Clarke. Rose is 19 years older than her and also functions as a musician.

Kathy has five youngsters with sweetheart Rose: Jim aged 19, Keane aged 26, Janice aged 27, Linda aged 29 and also Antonio aged 32.

Kathy’s buddy is a gallery-commissioned musician called Dayna Singh. They are indivisible. She likewise accompanies Stewart Simpson as well as Coby Ellis. They delight in looking for clues together.