Jim Hamilton’s World Of Securities Regulation

Jim Hamilton was Principal Analyst for Securities Law at Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. One of the nation’s most respected thought leaders in the securities area, Jim was dedicated to his occupation, to his co-workers, and especially to his visitors. Over the course of his illustrious career tracking, analyzing, and explaining securities law, Jim authored countless reports, books, and articles relied on by practitioners both nationally and globally.

Jim’s expert insights, regarded in his evaluation of legislation in the 1980s first, brought him fully into the spotlight when he was cited as an expert in the U.S. Senate Banking Committee survey of the Dodd-Frank Act. His evaluation of that legislation was remaining and – – definitive. For forty years almost, his commitment to accurate and impartial discussion of securities law helped thousands of attorneys navigate the intricacies of this complex practice area.

I likewise have been performing a lot of presenting and public speaking. Giving my time for you to help inspire others is actually what fuels me therefore I have been performing a lot from it privately. There is nothing much better than being influenced, by inspiring another person. I see a complete lot more of that in my future, the greater I speak, the more I get asked to speak and I REALLY LIKE IT absolutely! I am getting ready to launch my 4th product, which is very exciting! Same Stix just red/white and blue branding that I think will be huge.

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I have found a non-revenue to Sponsor because I also prefer to give back so I will be donating 10% of each sale of my new Limited Edition USA Stix to Stephen Sillers Tunnel To Towers Foundation. It really is a non-revenue that raises funds to help the groups of our military and first responders who sacrifice their lives and limbs to keep us safe. It’s the least I possibly could do to say thank you! I have learned to bend and not break.

To change, and pivot constantly as I am always contending against my earlier month of sales, but I appear to run into obstacles, different ones, continually. So, I have learned to set goals for my company as well as myself, but my goals aren’t money oriented always. Some are my goals are merely to try and enjoy the procedure for this crazy entrepreneurial journey.

I have discovered that for me, sometimes overcoming road blocks and pushing past them are in the same way important as hitting the goal itself. I’ve also found that mistakes are all part of it. I have made bad hiring decisions, bad marketing decisions, spent a lot of time on one thing and not on the other enough.

You name it, I have done it. One of the best decisions I made from the beginning is to figure out how to trust my gut. Your gut is a powerful instinct and so often we brush our gut instinct apart because we don’t trust ourselves. We may touch base for advice from others and try to do what they do but we can’t figure out how we went wrong. Every business differs and although we should reach out and ask questions to get more knowledge (knowledge is certainly power) we should also follow our own path to success and do what’s best for you.

I use Shopify and have several apps linked to it. Obviously, I also use SOCIAL NETWORKING, the three I concentrate my time on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Usually, in that order. I have really turned into a Podcast girl in the last few years. I pay attention to them several times a week. Sometimes to start my day and other times when I need a good kick in the pants. I have two favorites Rise by Rachel Hollis is one, she provides great information and she resonates a lot with me also. Times I find myself hearing her and thinking Often, week while I was doing that speaking event ” “OMG I just said that same thing last.

We think a great deal alike. The 2nd you are the MFCEO Project with Andy Frisella. I make sure I pay attention to him every week, he is my favorite and he is such a badass (Oh wait around, am I allowed to say that? LOL) He doesn’t EVER glucose coat it, that’s why I like him. He could be all about no excuses, stop whining, and get it done just.