Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Sunday Today is, March 31, 2019. Our dear friend, Brown, reaches the stove planning Pineapple Omelets for our pleasure. I shall be adding to the fun by preparing a batch of French Lattes. Brown is seeking to the future. The unhappy part would be that the Dems are stuck in a rut, performing the same old exhausted song still.

The Mueller debacle must be placed to rest. The naysayers must be disregarded. If any looking into on is to visit, it should be for the only real purpose of exposing those that planned to get rid of President Trump from day one. We already have a good idea of who is responsible for this witch-hunt pretty. It is time to put their collective feet to the fire. This sort of nightmare must end, and it can never again happen. The only way to restore our rely upon government is to cope with the guilty and show the American people that there are consequences to endeavoring to overthrow the president.

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This job is among the many in the days, months and weeks ahead. Please, join Brown and me for breakfast and a chat. We’ll leave the entranceway open. The list of individuals anxious to demolish President Trump is large and calling out for attention. You can’t concoct a luxurious and bizarre plan to nullify an election and get away with it. If this Russian insanity of the hoax isn’t properly handled, this type or kind of despicable behavior will do it again itself.

We simply cannot allow that to occur. The two long years that this fraud went has used a toll on the American psyche on. Our trust in government, which was that solid never, has been shattered. To start to see the FBI and DOJ compromised by unsightly players wanting to unseat our president is a spectacle of hideous proportions.

We need to see that trust restored. The best way to take action is to allow wheels of justice turn and reveal the real polluters, liars, and manipulators. This is what the “doctor” ordered for our nation. It’s the only way we can accomplish a speedy recovery. After the bad “guys” are rounded up and handled, the clutter must be set by us at the boundary.

If we allow thousands of migrants to invade our nation, we won’t have a country to get worried about. Our immigration laws aren’t working. The part of the statutory legislation dictating that anyone moving one foot on American garden soil reaches stay is crazy. Our facilities are bursting at the seams. The border patrol has been forced to let thousands of individuals go. Exactly, where are they heading? After they disappear into our cities and cities, they become part of the landscape.

The severity of our problems will mushroom because of the invasion. It’s time to wake up and deal with reality. The Democrats are deaf and blind to the nagging problem because they see all these invaders as voters. President Trump and his party have to get the message out to all Americans that we will all be in danger if we don’t rein in this problem. Every part of American life shall be affected. In fact, the consequences are showing already.

We have overflowed crisis rooms and escalating crime. Our kids and grandchildren are shedding their lives to drugs and thugs. America has to get the message, plus they now need to get it. Sadly, President Trump must make an effort to come to grips with this problem by exercising all his powers as a LEADER of the country. He can expect not just a scintilla of help from the Democrats. Shame on every single one of these for placing partisan politics before country. The Democrats are running around dispersing the word the Medicare for any is the answer to our healthcare problem.

I question that anyone, like the Dems, know what that means. Medicare is not free, so those looking for something for nothing shall be disappointed. Medicare costs real cash, which is covered by real individuals who have paid into the functional system for almost all their working lives. The final thing anyone should want in this nation is a national Federal government run health care system.

Once Medicare is prolonged to everyone, decision making for the average person will be thrown aside. You can depend on it. What we should do need is an idea that truly works for patients and doctors. There need to be experts out with great solutions for administering healthcare effectively there. Those experts are not in the halls of Congress. President Trump should and must look for these folks and encourage them to formulate a plan that insures people that have pre-existing conditions, and that is affordable. Area of the plan ought to be to place a ban on prescription medication advertising. Almost every other countries don’t allow such advertising.