Nursing Homes Save Millions Using Care Improvement Program, Researcher Finds

Marilyn Rantz, professor in the MU Sinclair School of Nursing completed a three-year evaluation of the product quality Improvement Program of Missouri (QIPMO) and found significant improvements in overall care quality of residents in participating facilities. 3.7 million statewide for facilities and health treatment providers in the condition. According to the U.S.

Department of Health and Human Services, the principal goal of quality improvement programs is to boost nursing-home treatment practices. In Missouri, QIPMO is a cooperative service of the Sinclair School of Nursing and the Missouri Department of Health insurance and Senior Services; it was created to set up facilities with gerontological nurse experts.

The nurses perform on-site visits to offer technical assistance, care-planning help and medical consultations. Among the nurses’ principal functions is to recognize “guidelines” for care procedures and make such information available throughout the condition. 1 million. Statewide styles among residents included improvements in pain, fall reduction, and pressure ulcer reduction, and fewer pipe feedings and restraint reduction. QIPMO is funded through Missouri’s Nursing Facility Quality of Care Fund, which is produced from care facilities paying taxes according to the true number of beds in their facilities.

The program works together with a variety of facilities in the condition, including those that already accept quality improvement and the ones that require help carefully issues. Throughout 2007-08, QIPMO nurses made 855 connections with 246 different facilities in the state, plus they made 417-site appointments in 227 nursing facilities.

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Results showed that facilities who participated do improve, and costs of care problems were reduced. More info: The study, “Helping Nursing Homes ‘At risk’ for Quality Problems: A Statewide Evaluation,” was co-authored by several MU experts and you will be released in the July/August 2009 issue of Geriatric Nursing. This record is at the mercy of copyright. Apart from any fair working for the purpose of private research or research, no part may be reproduced with no written authorization. This content is provided for information purposes only.

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