How To Make A Copper Rain Chain

I noticed rain chains earlier than so I ask my husband if he might make one to grasp from our house’s gutter. He made it from copper. That is my DIY on a rain chain. They had been originally from Japan. Japan has had them for 100’s of years. They’re utilized in Japanese gardens and down gutters.

You can now buy gutters which have rain chains connected to them. They’re prettier than the previous downspout. I always keep a rain barrel under the gutter on the deck and add a few goldfish to it. The goldfish does help keep the mosquitoes from breeding within the water. Actually it’s simply a giant plastic pot from Wal-Mart.

We convey our fish in the home within the winter and put them in an enormous jar. The cats love to see the fish come in. It gives the cat’s one thing to just do keeping an eye fixed on the fish. Rain Chains are expensive to buy however cheap to make. I give you the ideas and my husband carries them via for me.

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You can make your rain chain any measurement you need. Below is the dimensions we made ours. Here are the objects you will need. Determine the length you need from the roof to the top of your barrel. We bought 25 ft. Bend Copper tubing around a PVC pipe. Cut the copper tubing for circles and bend every circle collectively.

Wrap a thin copper wire around each and reduce with wire cutters. They’re robust enough as soon as bent. He tried soldering copper together, but it surely did not work. The last image reveals where he tried the solder. The image to reveal where he made a hook out of the tubing. The hook is in your gutter. Stick it via the gutter gap after which to add the chain to it.

We added a flower frog to ours, you don’t have to try this. You don’t have to add a frog you can add something you need even a teacup. Where to use rain chains. We love ours. Friends and household who come over are all the time trying to get my husband to make them one.

He says when he will get performed with all my projects he will make some for different folks. They’re additionally very pretty within the winter when the ice comes down them. You can make rain chains out of just about anything. The lady on YouTube made her rain chain out of teacups. I had the teacup video on here, however I was getting a message of broken hyperlink. I don’t know why the link was working once I checked it. You could find the video on YouTube.