The Polish & Tonic Blog Sale!

Thanks for visiting my blog sale! Are photos of all the polishes available through this sale Below? Everything is sold as photographed; there are many high end polishes where I really do not need the container, so whether it’s not in the photo, it isn’t available. I’ve tried to price everything fairly, primarily predicated on what I covered it and the item’s condition.

All prices are strong – please do not email me with barter offers as I will not be considering them. This blog sale is open to US residents only. Sorry, no international orders, please! Utilized for at least 1 however, not more than 5 manicures. Orders will be prepared on the first-come, first offered basis.

When you’re preparing to place an order, please email me at polishandtonic at gmail dot com. To more effectively process your order, please show your shipping choice when you email me (see options below). If you do not include a choice, you will be invoiced for Standard Delivery. I am going to invoice you for the items and shipping and delivery through PayPal then. You shall have a day to make your payment. Any items not paid within 24 hours of invoicing will be made and released available again on the market. I’ll regularly update the given information below to let you all know very well what is the pending sale, what has been sold, and what is available still.

Please, remember that I am the only person operating this blog, Mon. – Friday and I do work a regular job. Please, be considerate that it may take me a few hours to get back to you during the week, but I am going to respond! When you have any relevant questions about my reputation as a seller, please see my profile on Makeup Alley or eBay. 0.50 for each additional item. Whenever you can, I deliver USPS HIGH GRADE Mail.

If you order over 5 items, your deal will likely ship USPS Parcel Post (due to weight restrictions). USPS Priority Mail Shipping is available. Regardless of shipping method, delivery confirmation will be provided to the buyer. Thanks for taking time to check out my blog sale, and you are hoped by me see something you like!

  • Throat Chakra (throat and neck of the guitar area)
  • 25% off with code EBONY
  • 1 T crazy cherry bark
  • Front and Main LLC |
  • 5 Pieces x Mediheal Teatree Healing Solution Essential Mask
  • Initial sensitivity for the product
  • Makeup is my art

Acts as a lubricant, thickener, and emollient. Offers conditioner its velvety feel without making locks oily as well. Is used to keep product substances from separating additionally. Behentrimonium Chloride: Quaternary ammonium compound and close cousin of cetrimonium chloride. Also penetrates the hair, conditions, and acts as an anti-static and anti-microbial agent.

Passion JUICE: Abundant with Vitamins A and C, iron, potassium, and protein. This nutrient-packed juice works as an anti-inflammatory – rejuvenating the follicles to help battle hair thinning. No. Contains Hydrolyzed Lupine (plant-based) Protein and Hydrolyzed Keratin. As much as I can easily see yes – the conditioner is silicone free.