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2012, they anticipate increasing it to 8 million. Why the sudden 10 fold increase of their Chinese Silver Panda sales in a single calendar year? The primary reason the mintage of these coins was increased a lot starting this past year is that it became legal in 2011 for Chinese citizens to possess silver coins.

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While this huge increase in magic Panda production numbers seems impressive, it may only be considered a drop in the bucket for what’s being planned by the Chinese government in the foreseeable future. The Chinese government is also eager to make Silver Pandas as popular as American Silver Eagles. Pandas are extremely popular within China obviously, and it’s not known how many of the Silver Pandas are exported and how many are sold within the country.

For the Chinese authorities to make good on its guarantee to popularize its Silver Panda to equal that of the American Silver Eagle, they will have to considerably increase their annual mintage. In 2011, the U.S. 40 million-Silver Eagles. If the Chinese plan to surpass this record, I would envision they may arranged their goal to produce 50 million each year.

This might not be that tough of a challenge due to the fact that the China has three times the population of the United States, and their people are becoming eager buyers of the valuable metals. It is ordinary to see, that the demand for formal government silver cash went exponential within the last decade.

However, this is one area of the overall sterling silver investment picture. Silver Investment Demand vs. One of the most tiresome, boring, and overused evaluation in determining the near future price of magic, is the forecasted usage of magic in commercial applications. There is certainly this notion that if the world’s economies slip into a severe depression, then the demand for silver will fall as commercial activity declines. Hogwash. We now know from the info provided in both standard and surplus-deficit federal government gold coin graphs above, it’s been investment demand rather than commercial demand that has been the overriding push in determining the market price of gold.

Again, if industrial demand didn’t move the purchase price when we acquired real annual silver deficits in the past, why on earth would it not is expected by us to affect the price in the future. The gray bars in the chart above show how much silver was consumed on an annual basis by commercial applications while the blue represent coin & medal demand and the orange denotes implied net investment.

These figures do not include magic intake in either picture taking silverware or jewelry. The World Silver Survey calculates Implied Net Investment by subtracting total fabrication from the full total global silver supply. In 2011, the global silver precious metal source (mine & scrap) was 1.04 billion oz and total fabrication (industrial applications, photo, jewelry, silverware, and coin & medal) contain 876 million of leaving an improvement of 164 million or as implied online investment. 35 an ounce this past year.