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Redmine — task management — briefly. I’ve reached the point in my career that I need to start considering seriously about how I organize might work. Somehow it’s not working anymore, in part because I’m getting older and discover it difficult to keep in mind things — specifically short-term. I deal with my funds using GnuCash. It isn’t perfect, but once you’ve arranged it it works well enough to keep track of your possessions.

Of course your university or college accountants/administrators will do the same, but there’s always a lag between you spending your cash and getting up to date financial reports. It is also nice to have the ability to ‘slim’ money in case of future spending. I’ve found that the financial reports that I am getting from the various institutions that I am working at have never dealt well with wages. I mean, salaries once a month get taken out, but because they are predictable expenditures me as a PI don’t want to see the money — I’d like it taken off view.

Also, every now and then the accountants make a mistake, and you’re much more likely to find it if you have a way of comparing your financial reports with what you’d be expecting to see. Caring for and handling employees is a different kettle of fish completely, and at this point I haven’t found any magic bullet in conditions of management style. I’m simply being me — which seem fine — but that doesn’t always work due to personality clashes etc. Sometimes it’s probably better to have a professional persona that you can be placed on.

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Anyway, this post is about project planning — I need to plan might work and my private life. I’ve viewed a few solutions. Most of these are serious overkill for what I want. All are free, although their websites greatly advertise paid options. I really wanted something like the project tracker in GitHub, but the programs that support that style seems to be a cloud based, and I’d much rather have something that I could run locally.

TaskCoach is in the Debian repo, as is redone. Project life and odor have debs available using their respective websites. I failed to get onto working — otherwise it looked nice in the screen shots on the website. TaskCoach was easy to use, however, not very pretty, and it just didn’t feel ‘right’ for me personally in terms of look/layout and workflow. If I hadn’t found remind I probably would’ve remained with TaskCoach. I got lost and baffled when looking at ProjectLibre, and quit. Redmine has the benefit of the reaming website running on recline, so you can see precisely what it looks like and how it works. That’s what I’m using now, and it appears to utilize how I believe about things. I like having the ability to attach files, make a lot of short records that arrive and present a good overview what’s happening.

There are sorts of interruptions while you write. Random thoughts you have, attempting to decide whether you’re using the right words, figuring out what things to write next, and so forth. Whether it’s apparent or not, you’re multitasking. The switch cost is often simply a second or less, but consider that you can have thousands of thoughts a full hour, and it adds up to minutes of lost time on a regular basis. This is the primary reason you don’t want to write a word and then think about whether you should edit it. It requires a significant amount of time, and then you waste additional time switching back again to your writing mode. The first draft of anything is garbage.

That’s an estimate by Ernest Hemingway, one of the very most famous writers there is certainly. Even if you’re editing your content line by line, it’s still going to suck compared to what it gets the potential to be. You can’t really know whether a sentence fits until you have the whole post written. As you can see, this kind of multitasking doesn’t work, and you should modify your post after you’ve written all you wished to say. So, instead of multitasking, write the very first thing that comes into your mind.