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Creating a photo slideshow is about the wow-factor. Additionally it is about convenience. The viewer can benefit from the smooth transition of one photo to some other like the actual thread of events. Slideshows are part and parcel of picture displays – you can create one at the touch of a button on any self-respecting image tool like IrfanView or Picasa.

Bakari demonstrated you how to put together a travel slideshow in iPhoto. But have you any idea something that’s even more convenient – turning a picture slideshow into a video. A couple of years back, I demonstrated to you how to convert a PowerPoint 2010 demonstration into a video with one click. Since videos have become only easier to compile then, combine, and compose. YouTube crossed over to 1 billion users only a few days back and despite the existence of very good alternatives like Vimeo, it is the de-facto home for videos.

So, it seems sensible to publish your first photo slideshow on YouTube. Only the question remains – how do you add and share a picture slideshow on YouTube? YouTube has made it really easy to upload media and develop a video from within YouTube itself. Log into YouTube with your Google qualifications and then follow the easy steps below to create your first picture slideshow on YouTube.

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1. On your YouTube page, hit the Upload button that’s next to the search bar on the top. If you’re lost, here’s the Upload web page to jump straight to from here. 2. Go through the Create button for Photo slideshow. 3. Choose the photos for your YouTube slideshow. 4. But no; if you want to publish photos instead from your desktop you can. Select Upload Photos and drag and drop your selected photos from your personal computer.

Once all photos are uploaded and in the timeline, you can move the and re-arrange their series around. 5. In the end photos are re-arranged in the right series for your photo-story, strike the next button to go to the business end of the YouTube slideshow creator. The slideshow creator is self-explanatory.

You can arrange the slide length of time, the slide effect, and transitions. YouTube also gives you either 150,000 paths for a background score if you would like to add some musical pizzazz to your video. If not, go with the No Audio option. YouTube will not enable you to publish your own audio files.

6. You can also go into the Advanced Editor and really fine-tune your video by managing transitions, applying Instagram-styled results, add text…and a lot of other handles that you should test out for a great-looking photo slideshow. The screenshot below provides you an idea of the Advanced Editor and a little cross-section of the image results you can apply.

Due regard this be aware from YouTube – Advertisements may be displayed on videos that use content available through the YouTube Video Editor. In this full case, it is the music track that I have added. 7. You can transform the Privacy from Info & Settings also. The decision is had by you of taking it Public, keeping it Unlisted, or heading sharing and Private it with just a few people.