Flaky And Dry Skin Under Beard And Preventing Beard Dandruff

While the clean-cut, clean-shaven boy-next-door defined the stereotypical gentleman for years classically, another trend has more and more sons of Adams leap with both foot into – the intense, manly look of bearded beauty. The business enterprise of growing of a beard has officially swept among men. Most claim that growing and having one is a form of declaration.

Now others may think this is a no-sweat affair, but whiskered dudes digress. It actually requires a complete lot of work and work to attain an acceptable look. Beard growing is a serious business. It entails much work and maintenance to avoid the best shame of most, well at least for serious whisker growers – the dry epidermis under beard.

It actually takes two to six years to develop a beard, depending on one’s persistence and preference. One can only visualize the painstaking process men experience to attain the best beard Nirvana. Design and grooming of beards is another pressing concern. Men buy special trimmers to achieve the right thickness and form of their whiskers.

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Some even go to the salon for the assistance of a specialist “beard stylist”. Like it or not, some men even have to pay extra cash to attain the hot look of the growing season. Whether growing a beard is brought by the design of certain beliefs, growing a beard goes in the past in the bygone days. Ancient Gaelic Celts from Ireland and Scotland believed that having less beard is a sign of shame. The initial records in Egyptian history indicate that the highest-ranking officials grew beards.

The Mesopotamian civilizations exhibited great care in their facial hair, even designed tongs and styling irons to make sophisticated ringlets in their beards. Believe it or not, we can also track the history of the beard business in the biblical sense. St. Clement of Alexandrine was known for stating a beard is the mark of a guy and removing this means desecrating the image of manhood.

It can also be found in the bible that trimming of beard throughout that era was used as an indicator of shame. In the 1800s in America, facial hair was considered the best expression of masculinity. Beard was considered indicators of wisdom and dignity, especially for older men. Today, it is a symbol for strength and hostility as well. Men with beard are those whose masculinity can’t be questioned, and who, by standards, can handle defending themselves while others. Men grooming their beards are akin to women keeping their long manes healthy.

It is focused on the maintenance. Structure and Form are important. While the overall look of the beard is the point culminant, it is what is underneath that counts most actually. Improper treatment of facial hair leads to dried out skin under beard actually. Beard dandruff occurs when the natural oils of the skin dry up, leading to flaking.

It may also lead to itchiness and irritation. Cold weather may also be a cause for flaky beard area. Skin hydration is a major issue at the moment. Another probable cause of dry facial skin with this area is the use of hair grooming products to the beard. These shampoos contain waxes and chemicals that clog the skin pores. This leads to a scaling of your skin, causing flakes unsightly.

Use of body-cleaning soap to cleansing the beard also causes dryness. After all, beards are still hair, and soaps may aggravate the skin and even harden the locks itself. Stress, according to doctors, may lead to drying of the skin also, bringing on the formation of crusts and flakes. Lack of sleep and unbalanced diet lead to poor skin. The use of strong facial product, cleanser, or astringent, also plays havoc to the sensitive regions of the face.