Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home

Here’s another one– “We are all like family here.” Bull! And by the way, I AM an HR professional, although I’ve remained the corporate environment to go after freelance writing. I understand that part of the fence I belong, and it is not with these jokers. So happy you enjoyed it Crystal! WHILE I hear about the betrayal, contempt, and ‘honor killings’ that some people experience as a result of their actual families, maybe this one isn’t really too far from the mark.

I always make an effort to remind individuals who HR represents the business, not employees. I work for local government and they’ve done these EXACT things to me! GOVERNMENT DHHS would do that to a NURSE? I had been stupid to do what they said enough. But I filed for unemployment then, and First got it. I got back in, via an agency task, into another department, 2 weeks later, 8 months later, I was re-hired. Now, 13 yrs later, they may be attempting other horseplay, but I’m just getting copies of my worker data files and starting my pension process, which will be in 8 weeks.I’ve experienced enough of these abusive clowns. Good for you, cowgirl! I am hoping it computes for you.

Auto sales people get the bad rap for greedy owners. We get lied to. Cheated daily. These owners think we lowlifes that gasoline their jets are just scum they will replace once they forgave to us 60 hours weekly. We must be authorized with all the current manufacturers In the mean time. Get perfect surveys back, even though the dealer screwed the client over. What do we get after 25 years? Nothing. The manufacturing plant worker gets a pension and healthcare such as a state senator. Dealers will change never.

We won’t get not divorced 3 times. I am advocating a union or licensing in all states with required pensions through the licensing expresses or the government. Hours and pay require a scale. For too long car sellers have run over good hard working and “yes” honest people attempting to produce a living in a business they didn’t usually pick.

We demand to be treated like any other professional who must have continuing education. We do it every 12 months. For every new model or we are fired. Unite. Send some leaders to your blog and we can make a difference maybe. Hey, Donna great article – I wish it turned out found by me before I accepted my current position.

Basically everything I was told by the recruiter and the business in 2 interviews was a lie. 3 days after I started the position I was given another/ different contract and pressured into putting your signature on it. The surroundings are abusive and hostile. I am looking to get out ASAP but other employers are shying from somebody who wants to leave 2 months into a fresh position. I am very concerned about earning money, and exactly what will eventually my profession. I am very wary of what employers say now.

  • A fighter to battle the prejudices or hubris
  • Internet of Things (New User Applications)
  • Manufacture or sell certain products
  • 11 push puppets
  • Recognize, probe, and examine business processes, work procedures and procedures
  • Technology and infrastructure
  • Toyota employees are anticipated to be experts in what they do

What is acceptable to ask for in writing? What will appear over demanding? Any thoughts on the ultimate way to protect myself? I had been lied to about my wages. Manager explained I would be getting paid ten, then a month later while I get my first check I find out that I was only getting paid minimum wage. I appreciate your responses and general questions but this isn’t the place to ask confidential legal questions.

Like I said, one can sort of understand this obsession, when you are charged with caring for another human being life – and it appears daunting and you want to do the best job you can. But sometimes, this spills over into something darker and more dangerous – Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy far. People get enamored of the process oftentimes – regardless of what the procedure is.

And if you have a “sick kid” that must go directly to the doctor on a regular basis, or a “special needs” child that needs special classes and eyeglasses, then it can give a mother or father an function and identification in life. They are like the friend with the perpetual problem. They are no more a housewife Suddenly, but a concerned Mother with a precise role to try out.