21 EXPLANATIONS WHY You Should Start Your Own Business

What do learning, freedom, taxes breaks, and a significant life have in common? They’re all reasons to begin a business. But those four aren’t it-there are many more. A report in the International Small Business Journal found a “dynamic romantic relationship between motivation information and profession, household, and business life classes.” Differing people start businesses for different reasons.

There are no right or wrong reasons, and, yeah, maybe there are reasons that you shouldn’t take up a business right now. But entrepreneurship has proven itself life-changing for more and more people, so it’s more than worth taking into consideration. In this post, I’ll details 21 explanations why you should think about starting your own business. I’ve included images, figures, graphs, rates, lists, and links to other resources-all in the wish that post will be useful to you as you think about leaping into the world of business. Freedom is the fantastic promise of entrepreneurship. Over and over again, entrepreneurs that we interview for Found Magazine point to autonomy, to self-reliance, as a key driver of their decision to begin a business.

This isn’t only a little anecdote I’ve observed. It’s a huge reason that individuals become business owners. In 2008, the educational International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal put out a paper with some stats from a worldwide survey of early-stage business owners. Within the 25 countries, the scholarly research looked at, an average of 38% of beginning business owners cited independence as a motivation.

Independence offered as grounds for 35% of business owners in America and 39% in the united kingdom. In Australia and Japan, 57% of beginning owners pointed to self-reliance as their motivator. Why does this fervor for freedom to move people to hurl themselves into the crazy world of business? Freedom is having more control during the period of your life, having the capacity to escort it in the ways that you want, then working for the whims of others rather.

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Owning your own business means being your own employer, deciding when you work, how you work, and what you work on. Of course, business owners still do need to focus on market demand. But when you feel the business owner, you choose how to achieve that. It gives you greater autonomy. The extensive research seconds the impression that, ultimately, starting a business helps you follow your dreams.

A 2008 survey in the Journal of Small Business and Business Development interviewed set up entrepreneurs in New York City and discovered that 44% said that the freedom of being your own boss was a great benefit of getting into business. “There are several advantages that produce buying your own business very attractive. Accomplishing tough things provides us a sense of accomplishment.