Personalize TO CREATE People WISH TO ACCOMPLISH Business With You

But the Best way to get visitors to do business with you is to Personalize your business. There are a multitude of different unique selling positions you will make, and we’ll explore some of them in another article. But the First(and in my opinion the very best) way to get visitors to work with you is to Personalize your business. What do I mean by that?

Kentucky Fried Chicken-Actually, they have used 2 USPs. First, they used personalization with Col Harlan Sanders. Wendys Hamburgers-Originally, the red-haired Wendy was the daughter of the founder of Wendys-Dave Thomas. However, that didn’t really do the job of selling the merchandise. When Wendys had a need to boost sales really, they had Dave Thomas, the down home, slow talking “regular” guy, appear in the commercials.

Dave Thomas and his picture started appearing in increasingly more Wendys restaraunts and the sales kept climbing. Lee and Chrsyler Iacocca-When Chrysler was facing bankruptcy, their new CEO had taken the bull by the horns. per year and started appearing in ads for the new Chrysler models 1. He also got involved in things like restoring the Statue of Liberty and other humanitarian efforts. Whatever Iacocca do, it became information!

And if you thought of him, you thought of Chrysler. Obviously, Sales skyrocketed and Lee Iacocca was considered a marketing genius. He also made himself millions of dollars by exercising stock options that he was presented with in light of the way he converted Chrysler around. Maytag and the lonesome repairman-You can not get much more basic than a washer and dryer.

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It is simply a basic commodity. How will you make selling that unique? Mcdonalds-They have a lot of USPs however the personalized one I want to talk about is Ronald Mcdonald. Again, like the Maytag repairman, he could be a fictional personality, but he is a clown (happy, fun) and he will good stuff, like run the Ronald Mcdonald House for charity. Ronald appeals to children and motivates them to want a “happy meal.” Burger King has attempted to copy this, but their “King” is just a guy with a mask, so you can NOT see his face move when he talks. For me, this is really dumb on the part of Burger King.

They should get a “real” person or simply your investment idea. Ken Nugent-“One call, that’s all”- Ken Nugent is a genuine attorney, but he has satelite offices in many major cities. Ken might not even be practicing law anymore, but he is the personalization of the network of law firms.