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President of Azerbaijan, H.E. A new shipbuilding backyard that is jointly developed by Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd (Keppel O&M), State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), and Azerbaijan Investment Company (AIC) was officially opened up today by President of Azerbaijan, H.E. Ilham Aliyev. Singapore’s Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Mr Lee Yi Shyan, attended the inauguration ceremony of the new lawn as well. Keppel O&M currently has 10% share in the new yard, while SOCAR and AIC own the remaining 65% and 25% respectively.

Keppel O&M will be accountable for the management and procedure of the backyard. 470 million. When working at full capacity, it is able to undertake up to 100 fixes and conversions per annum and it is estimated to attain an average annual steel result of 25,000 lots. Plans for Phase 2 include the construction of a graving dock with added facilities for offshore projects.

50 million in total – to create one device of a 50-tonne bollard pull azimuth stern drive tug and one group of pontoons for a semisubmersible in conjunction with CSC. From our many years of assistance with SOCAR in CSC, we’ve accumulated a rich reservoir of technical know-how as well as significant market insights and networks to operate a first-class shipyard. SOCAR and Keppel O&M will continue steadily to leverage our collective strengths to attain new successes through our partnership in the Baku Shipyard.

It was written by the former daughter-in-law of Warren Buffett and described the techniques Warren Buffett used to analyze stocks and shares. The techniques in the publication became the model that I used to analyze shares up to now. Equally importantly, the book triggered my thirst for investment knowledge. Along the real way, I tested my new-found-stock analysis model. The first stock which I had bought based on value investing was ASA Group, which includes since been delisted from the Singapore Exchange (SGX).

It was available of producing ceramics in China and was practically unknown in the stock market. It had been a great step of beliefs into value trading by purchasing into a practically unidentified company. 0.295 in Aug 2003 for a 30% revenue. It was a little profit, but it was to know that value trading proved helpful enough. Value investing became my winning formula.

Once you have examined, fine-tuned and held beliefs with your earning method, you will make your first container of silver eventually. For investors who invest for capital gains rather than dividends, some of you may, like me, wonder whether you would make a good fund manager, making plenty of money for your clients. You might also wonder whether you could write a best-selling investment publication for the investing public. You might also want to challenge yourself and sit for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examinations. In early 2004, I made my first container of platinum with my earning formula, producing a revised comeback of 33% on my invested capital.

Using part of that earnings, I enrolled myself in a part-time course in Masters in Applied Finance, graduating a year later. I also sat for the CFA examinations, passing all 3 levels in 2006. It had been actually quite fun learning, since I used to be studying to improve my investment knowledge rather than for the degree to enter into the financial industry.

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The things that mattered were not the marks on my transcript, but how could I apply what I got learnt to earn more income from investments. In any full case, I became too old at age 30 to get into the financial industry. The problem with winning formulas is that they don’t work always.

Value investing was a time-tested earning formula, producing many famous investors such as Warren Buffett and Walter Schloss. For me personally, it had produced 18 multi-baggers on the 16 years since I started investing with my very own money. But it additionally produced 3 wipe-outs and 8 write-offs (collectively called the “salted fishes”).

Just one. And there have been 11 of them! A long time later, when I looked at this period of time back, I realized that the pot of yellow metal was probably a result of a rising tide lifting all boats rather than some truly “winning” formula that I had. At that right time when you were winning in the currency markets, you would believe that your “winning” formula was working well, not realizing that there is probably a greater push at the job. Occasionally, it’s important to suspend your belief in your “winning” formula and let risk management measures dominate.