Eight Billion Reasons Yahoo Didn’t Buy Facebook

Eight Billion Reasons Yahoo Didn’t Buy Facebook

For much of the year, Facebook had been in negotiation to sell itself to Yahoo.
The market value of the “instant behemoth” social service sites has fluctuated, as services both large and small have changed hands this year. The first big acquisition was Newscorp’s purchase of MySpace for $580 million in 2005. That set a benchmark, which was driven upward somewhat by the NBC Universal purchase of women’s online network iVillage for $600 million earlier this year.

Social networking sites typically allow users to create and share blogs, pictures, and videos with friends and the wider public. What makes Facebook different from MySpace? Its founder(s) set out to create a social networking site that is designed for post-high school users. It connects people by region, college, company, and high school.

Build a personal profile and connect with others that are sharing your life experience as opposed to your social, entertainment, and artistic interests, which are the focal points in MySpace. Facebook attempted to blend a little maturity into the energized chaos found on MySpace, and they have been successful. Their current membership is somewhere north of ten million – compared to the 145 million that MySpace claims.

The MySpace inclusion of ‘artist pages’ allows artists working in audio and video mediums to freely distribute media from within a social network. It has become a central feature of the network. Artist pages exist alongside individual profiles, and in addition to the regular profile features … Read more

How do you Market your Business?

How do you Market your Business?

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According to a recently conducted study, 76.1% of respondents can recollect the advertiser’s name through the promotional items that the latter have received from the advertiser.
Most of the respondents also said that they are keeping the promotional items because they are useful.

Promotional products are efficient tools to market your products and services. They remind people of your business. Its contents include the business name, addresses, phone, or fax numbers, e-mails, and other important information.
When you have upcoming new products or fresh service or planning to have a trade show, better to have it publicized. Your target market has no way of buying it when they are not aware of it.

Promotional products include mugs, logos, t-shirts, pens, key chains, etc. Most of them can be used everyday. Thus, the more people use it, the more popular your business become. Promotional products also include brochures, catalogs, stickers, newsletters, business cards, postcards, and more. They are printed using color printing techniques. However, the most used technique is online printing four-color printing. This is because it gives quality, crisp, and eye-catching results that will surely capture the eyes of your target market. Aside from that, it also offers a fast turnaround. Thus, if you are in a hurry, printers can rush without sacrificing the quality of your promotional products.
You are already marketing your business just by handing these promotional products. The next time you know it, your sales are soaring … Read more

Pinterest for Business Promoting Your Business through Pinterest

Pinterest for Business – Promoting Your Business through Pinterest

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Social media and social networking sites have been sprouting like mushrooms. Considering its hype through out the years, it is no wonder that its here to stay. From Facebook to Twitter, another social media site is making waves. This is called interest.
Interest is an online virtual pin board that lets you create your own visual board. Imagine taking some pictures that inspire you and pinning it to your cork board on your table or in your room. Interest holds the same concept. However, the images are online and can come from different people or different sites. What makes this so unique is that it is visually appealing and enticing. The pictures are the things that will really get you hooked. If you have pictures and images to share, interest is highly recommended.

With these things in mind, exactly how can you promote your business in interest? What makes this different from Facebook and Twitter? And how far is its reach? Is it even helpful if you create an account there?

Pinterest, being a social media and networking site, holds the same concept with its counterparts. However, tweets and statuses are not its core, rather it works and revolves around pictures. As a business owner, this is one key advantage that you can use. You can take pictures of your items and post them on your interest account. Make sure you set it to PUBLIC for everyone to see … Read more

Know about Health Supplements

Know about Health Supplements

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People are usually of the impression that the body receives sufficient minerals and vitamins through their diet. However, this is not always true. It is sometimes very important to use health supplements to compensate on the deficit of vitamins and minerals.

Health supplements can be purchased from the general pharmacy stores or from the many online stores available in the World Wide Web. All you have to do is to choose the health supplement that best suits your vitamin and mineral needs. It is not only the athletes who need health supplements; people suffering from ailments need health supplements to develop a natural immunity and resistance to the ailment. The pregnant woman, lactating woman and senior citizens also need health supplements. The pregnant and lactating women need health supplements to provide themselves and their child with sufficient nutrients. Senior citizens generally reduce their food consumption with age; because of this the nutrients to the body tends to decrease. Health supplements to help to compensate for this deficiency.

Health supplements are generally considered to be safe. However, it is always advisable to take health supplements that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This helps you make sure that the health supplements are safe and do not have any side effects. There are some health supplements that are not advised for teens as they are hazardous to them as they have steroids that cause damage to the body. When taking health supplements, watch out … Read more

Pinterest for Business Easy Peasy Product Promotion

Pinterest for Business – Easy Peasy Product Promotion

Pinterest is one social media site that is just a few steps behind Facebook and Twitter.
Even if it is trailing from behind, there is no doubt that Pinterest is one unique social networking site you should consider. For marketers and business owners out there, it is strongly suggested that you switch to their business accounts to get the most out of your marketing endeavor.

If you want to get the ball rolling, here are some easy ways to promote your product on interest!

1. Group your products or services. One creative way to get the most out of interest would be to create your own visual boards. A good way to start is to organize and group your photos based on a general theme. For instance, if you are catering to fashionable clothes, it would be ideal to group it according to season and type. You can group your photos based on color, design, ingredients, locations, materials, and almost anything you categorize them. Do not sort all your photos in a single board. Make sure to create several boards with varying themes. You can repeat a picture to different themes that you see fit.

2. Highlight top products. Four most popular images can now be tracked via Pinterest Web Analytics. You can use this tool to see which image has the most number of re-pins, shares, and likes. This is a good tool that helps you identify which products or images … Read more

Finding Appin Knowledge Solutions

Finding Appin Knowledge Solutions

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I call entrepreneurship “The art of taking risks”. That is how I started it. Being from the Computer Science department, IIT Delhi people always expected me to go for a M.S. in U.S.A. But things turned down to be different as I was always looking for a different track. I wanted to be a top entrepreneur.
I began with the mind of a computer scientist and thought of lots of ideas and imagination that they will be converted into a million-dollar business soon. But entrepreneurship was quite different than Computer Science. Vols. My journey started by reading books from my gurus Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins. I joined various yahoogroups for getting in touch with entrepreneurial people, the best one being spiritofentrepreneurship. I never knew it would change my life. I started with a business plan of a distance-learning business. Unfortunately we could not materialize the business plan. The next came XirsVentures Inc., which was founded by IIT alumni. I worked with them in setting up things initially. I also worked with them as an analyst and worked on bidding projects via Elance. Air Ventures is a global company with offices in U.S.A, India, and Australia.At the same time I came in touch with Maninder who is founder of the website 123oye. We worked on certain plans for 123oye. Some of them materialized while others did’t. But with his perseverance I was sure he will make this a very good website for information on jobs … Read more

The Reasons Why Photographers Adore Pinterest

The Reasons Why Photographers Adore Pinterest

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Interest is a social media site that might have the ability that inspires photographers. It has brought a new face on social network blogging. Photographers were only using sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, and LinkedIn to market their business in an online world. Until one day, Pinterest came to existence and brought a new hue for photographers to have their photos posted in the most amazing ways. Today, interest still has its number growing in the most unbelievable speed. For artists and creative people, Pinterest function as an image-based social media site. This makes it the best for photographers. They are now able to their shots and have their clients follow their virtual pinboards. Through the use of photos, users on interest may be lured into clicking on some of their interests and follow other users post.
If you are a photographer marketing your business, interest might just be the right site for you. Just think about how many millions of people subscribe on the social media website. For sure a huge percent of these people will be into photography or are willing to avail for your services and buy products. Now, this would surely increase the numbers of your clients. Should this be a reason enough for you to love interest and how it helps you to improve the photography business you have?
Once you follow one pin, you will be having this posted on your virtual pinboard. You might … Read more

Essentials Of A Successful Business Blog

Essentials Of A Successful Business Blog

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It is undeniable that social media activities are big reasons for any business to succeed. In fact, it’is such a powerful trend that many businesses opt to focus their efforts on Twitter, Facebook, and any upcoming social site. But it’is a fact that blogging and having a business website blog is something that will be here for a long time. Compared to social media, having a big blog is like having that face or person behind your product or service. More so, it makes any business stand out from among the competitors, particularly if your blogs are geared at providing expert information and interesting facts about your industry!
So what are the essentials of a business blog that’is reaping success so far? There’are a few out there which we could call big fishes, and they’ve been around for years. But it does’t means that these business blogs are’it poured with hard work. In fact, a lot of passion and hard work has been put into each, and so they’I survived the different challenges of staying relevant amid the changing modes of marketing. Most of these blogs made it big and stood out over time because of being an authority. This, the first essential to a successful biz blog, is all about being a go-to resource for all the pertinent information in one’s industries. It would also mean that all the information and updates about the field, you post about it and share … Read more

Use Theme-based Contemporary Fine Art for your Hotel Decor

Use Theme-based Contemporary Fine Art for your Hotel Decor

Contemporary fine art is being used in businesses, restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality services around the world. It’s decorative and comes in many styles to fit in with any type of decor. Hotel interior decorators have especially grown fond of this type of art because it blends so well with a variety of vacation spots and hotel themes – the beach, mountains, and everywhere in between! Here are some great tips on how you can improve the look and feel of your hotel guest rooms and hotel lobby decor with unique contemporary fine art.

Welcoming Hotel Guests with Dazzling Lobby Decor

When your guests arrive, they want to receive a nice “welcome” to your hotel. One way you can welcome them is to hang several pieces of artwork in the hotel lobby. These can be scattered throughout with one painting per walls (two on a very long wall), and one painting on the wall behind the hotel clerk’s counter.

Contemporary fine art in the lobby will give your guests a warm feeling before they even get to their room. It also gives them something interesting to observe if there’s a long wait! You can also go a step further with the lobby decor, and add plants, comfortable chairs, floor rugs, and a small decorative table with a lamp, depending on the size of the lobby. Coordinate all furniture and plant containers to blend with the colors of the paintings and/or their … Read more

The negative impact of the weight loss obsession

The negative impact of the weight loss obsession

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The media has pushed upon the public that the thinner you are, the more attractive you are. All manner of media outlets have given people the impression that being larger than a size 0 is a bad thing because it makes you fat, even though realistically, your appearance is a little too similar to that of malnourished African children. We have become trained to see the waif-like figures of fashion models to be the ideal in feminine physical beauty, even though such a form may not really have any benefits in a strictly biological sense. This has had the effect of creating the weight loss pill industry, as well as giving it the backbone it needs to be a feasible avenue of business for pharmaceutical companies eager to make a quick buck or two. However, is being thin really all that the media makes it out to be?

Perhaps the primary concern would be the impact what effect taking a weight-loss pill might have on the system. By their very nature, the pills are designed to help a person lose excess weight, typically by burning stored fat or increasing the metabolic rate. However, as testing has shown, a number of the more effective forms of weight-loss pill formulas can have terrible side effects on the body. Reports can vary, though some of the more common ones are nausea and occasional cases of vomiting. In some countries, where the standards are … Read more

Your Benefits Of Social Networking

Your Benefits Of Social Networking

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If you hear the term social networking you might immediately think of sites like Facebook and Twitter. These are some of the biggest social networking sites but there are actually hundreds of social networking, social media, and social bookmarking sites on the internet. These big social sites dominate the industry and would have more members than all the other smaller social sites together. Let’s take a quick look at some of the bigger players in the social networking game and how they can benefit you.

1. Facebook – Facebook is huge and is probably the biggest social networking website with millions of members worldwide. Facebook offers many different applications, and games, and many of the games themselves have become incredibly popular. Games like Farmville, Mafia Wars, and Social City have people playing on Facebook for hours at a time.

Business people are now also using Facebook to network with potential customers and build a strong customer base. Facebook allows you to connect with customers on a personal level and build a strong and trusting relationship with them. You can also create fan pages and groups on Facebook that can be very useful for any business person marketing a website or business online.

2. Twitter – Twitter is also extremely popular and brings about a whole unique form of networking. With Twitter you micro-blog which is when you post short updates to your Twitter page. If you are using Twitter to promote your business, … Read more

The Art Of Zero Resistance

The Art Of Zero Resistance

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Yesterday I was reading and relaxing on my hammock when, Susie, one of my V.I.P coaching clients called. She quietly said, “Jen, you won’t believe what I just attracted.” Turns out she was invited to be a guest on the “Wake Up with Whoopi” shows. This was this 3rd call of this kind I received from her. She is an attraction magnet!

Let me give you a little background about Susie… Three months ago, Susie, would have rejected anything that was more than 40 bucks. Well, maybe a little more than that. Maybe 100 bucks, but you see what I am getting at. It didn’t matter what service or product if it was over a certain amount – she wasn’t interested. Basically, she wanted to grow her business at zero cost. She was treating her business like a home-based hobby. I taught her what my mentors taught me – The Art Of Zero Resistance and visible opportunities are flowing like no tomorrow.

I learned Zero Resistance from Maxwell Maltz and Bob Proctor. Though their words are different, the approach is the same. In my words, it’s about listen to inspirations, making swift decisions and taking immediate action. You do all that before the dragons of fear, doubt, or anxiety creeps in.

How to practice Zero Resistance:

When something comes to you the first questions should not be “How much”, but “Do I want this in my life”? If the answer is, “Yes.” Then … Read more

Boost Your Business Success With These Mobile Marketing Tips (2)

Boost Your Business Success With These Mobile Marketing Tips

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Mobile marketing is a fairly new competitor in the advertising world but is quickly gaining momentum and becoming an industry standard for success. It requires adaptation to new and more compact media, thus a different way of thinking is required to capture and keep a potential consumer’s interest. There are plenty of ways to do this, but they will require some new concepts and a sharp mind.

Take the time needed to learn how social media works, and how mobile marketing works right along with it. You need to do your research or extract the knowledge from those who already have it. Hire someone if you need to and it will pay off in the long run.

Establish a policy about engaging in social media. Everyone on your team should know what kind of interactions are appropriate and where you decide to stop. This will help everyone understand how they can use social media as a professional tool, while most people are used to using cell phones and other devices for their personal use.

Try not to use large graphics in mobile marketing campaigns so your readers don’t have to waste a ton of bandwidth downloading your text or email. Instead, use your copy to give an effective sales pitch which is targeted towards the demographic of the recipient. This will get you more conversions than a graphic any day!

If you have people working for you, make sure … Read more

Getting Advice About Internet Marketing That Will Help

Choosing The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business!!
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Marketing on the internet has become a popular way to promote a business. However, in order to become successful, you have to learn the right ways to approach it. Just because you have a website, it does not mean that your business will automatically become successful. Read the following for some advice on how to become an effective internet marketer.

Create social media accounts in order to increase your exposure. Not only is social media free to use, it is an easy way to connect with potential customers and clients. Each day, thousands of internet marketers are using social media as a method of building conversion numbers and increasing total profits.

Create a sense of urgency with deals your brand may be offering. If customers feel they only have a limited time for a fantastic offer, they will be more likely to follow through with a purchase. Note, however, that internet marketing sometimes can go overboard with begging customers to take action immediately, so be careful not to go overboard. Keep your “sense of urgency” respectful.

Internet marketing does not have to be difficult. There are plenty of free resources out there to help you get your message out to millions. Check out all these options before you spend a dime on a paid campaign, you may be surprised and very pleased with the results you find.

To help you gain new customers and retain old customers, you can use the internet to market your business. Social media … Read more

Good Reasons for Choosing Brink’s Home Security

Good Reasons for Choosing Brink’s Home Security

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Brink’s Home Security offers installation and monitoring of home security systems. Several criteria make the company an excellent choice for home security provision. Trained personnel, rapid response, easy to use systems and award winning products and service are good reasons to choose Brink’s. Systems can easily be adapted to fit the need and budget.

The right personnel to make all the difference in how well a job is done and how easy it is for customers to relate. Like most successful home security companies, Brink’s Home Security provides in-depth training for all employees. Technicians who install Brink’s Home Security systems must pass National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association training. They drive vehicles clearly labeled with the Brink’s logo and carry proper identification. Consumers can safely open the door to Brink’s personnel.

Rapid response is important when personal and property safety is at risk. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Brink’s Home Security can quickly contact appropriate emergency response agencies. Home and business owners can rest assured that monitoring is active and on alert.

Even the best home security systems are no good if family members can’t operate them. Many consumers have installed security systems, only to decide which operating them is too much trouble. Brink’s Home Security systems feature easy -to-use one-touch keypads.

Both standard and premium keypads are designed for ease of use. Most commands are a simple matter of one touch. There are no complicated sequences of numbers or entries to remember. … Read more

Can I Afford Health Insurance?

Can I Afford Health Insurance?

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In light of today’s health-care costs, a better question would be, “Can I afford NOT to have health insurance?”. Indeed, medical expenses are a leading cause of bankruptcy in the US. A health insurance plan should be an essential part of any responsible financial plan, whether married or single. Even young, healthy adults should bear in mind that a single emergency room visit can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and intensive care can cost thousands per day. And that’s not even counting the costs of prescription drugs.
There are steps to take to minimize the expense of health insurance. Many employers offer health insurance as a benefit for employees. Rates for group health insurance such as this are usually lower than private insurance rates; employers can negotiate better rates as a group. Labor and trade unions also may offer group health insurance for their members. Spouses and children can often be added to most employee health plan, though the rate will be higher. Premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance can be deducted from the employees’ paycheck, often with pre-tax dollars, increasing the savings. Many employers offer multiple health plans. The employee may be able to select from PPO, HMO, and traditional plans. Compare the options, check the policy to determine what medical expenses are covered, and select the plan that most suits the needs of you and/or your family.
If a group plan is not available private health insurance coverage is available. Private … Read more

Significant Uses of Variable Data Digital Printing

Significant Uses of Variable Data Digital Printing

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Variable Data Digital Printing is also known as Personalized Publishing, Variable Information Printing, and database Publishing which is employed to modify and adjust all the included documents within the run of digital printing. It is widely used by dealers or marketers that needs to adjust and custom-tailor things which contains very significant messages to each person in a marketing campaign.
Bear in mind that when using digital color printing it can print pieces of materials that are totally different from one another. Basically, it will lessen the expenses and will reduce the efforts needed in printing your materials. The printer will eventually do the printing needs that will meet your tastes.
Another use of variable data digital printing is that it customizes direct marketing as well as marketing collateral with the use of its graphics, illustrations, text, and images. Variable data digital printing has varied choices for the customers to choose from so that their printing needs are met and satisfied.
Variable data digital printing is also available in full printing that is why you will not have any problem with regard to your choice of color. It would just be fitted according to your needs and wants. The adjustments and modifications within the documents will surely and greatly depends on you.
With the innovations in digital printing as well as variable data digital printing, it will be a lot easier for you to meet the qualifying needs of your clients
Read more

Using Equipment Leasing as a Competitive Weapon

Using Equipment Leasing as a Competitive Weapon

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Most great generals know how to design winning battle plans. They also know how to use their resources to gain advantages over the enemy. For these military leaders, getting enough tanks, aircraft, ships, and armaments into the hands of the right personnel can spell military victory or defeat.
In the business arena, gaining access to certain resources and getting them into able hands can also determine success. Many successful business leaders have discovered that equipment leasing can make a significant difference when competing in the marketplace. In fact, equipment leasing has become a competitive weapon for business managers who understand how and when to use this helpful financing tool.
Here are some ways savvy business owners and managers use equipment leasing to gain advantage over their competitors:
To Develop a Financing War Chest
Equipment leasing allows companies to finance more activities to compete effectively. It supplements other forms of financing, such as equity capital, bank debt, trade credit, and mortgage financing. Astute business managers understand that access to a variety of useful financing affords them certain options and gives them an advantage over competitors with limited financing.
Maintaining State-of-the-Art Technology
Being able to acquire and use state-of-the-art equipment and software can give many companies a noticeable competitive advantage. This advantage can be particularly significant in research, product development, marketing, and operations. By using equipment leasing, companies are able to better manage technology turnover. Many managers use operating leases to acquire state-of-the-art … Read more

Making Mobile Marketing Work For Your Business (4)

Making Mobile Marketing Work For Your Business

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Mobile marketing is a business promotion tool that is taking the world by storm. By using it, businesses can promote their products from anywhere in the world by simply sending their ads to mobile devices like cell phones. For information on how to use mobile marketing, read these tips.

Don’t forget to promote your mobile website! Get the word out via your normal site and your social media that your website has been optimized for mobile. This will help build awareness of the opportunity, position your brand as a forward thinker in terms of technology, and drive traffic to the new mobile page.

Integrate your geo-location mobile marketing with your social media presence to give your customers a full picture of your business. By using business pages on social media sites, you can provide more information such as hours of operation or upcoming sales to customers checking in or following your page. With the continuing growth of social media, integrating this platform with your mobile marketing campaign can reap significant benefits.

Make a social marketing policy. Every business should have policies to help dictate proper behavior, and mobile marketing is no different. You should make sure that every member of your company is aware of, and understands that policy, and take steps to ensure that it will be followed in any event.

Shorten a lengthy or complicated URL, by using a QR image generation shorter. This will keep the code design … Read more

Personalized Service With Social Media

Personalized Service With Social Media

There are too many methods available for you to choose. It is difficult to choose one, I’t it? But do you know that all of the methods you are choosing could really be effective for you? You should just make it possible to use the method you chose effectively. There are different methods in the internet, but it is also impossible for you to apply all of them all at once. You could do it with a professional aid. But if you are working alone and you still do not have enough money to spend, it would be impossible and risky for your capital investment.
There are different things you should remember to choose the best possible method in marketing if you are a beginner. First, you need to choose the marketing method that would certainly be flexible for your time. You should not choose methods that would put your current work at risk. But if you are very dedicated to doing so, it would be your choice. One of the most tedious works of marketing is bookmarking, daily article writing, as well building your blogs.
On the other hand, you should the marketing method that would not be costly. If you are still a neophyte, remember that you may not be having the right amount of capital for your business. As much as possible, do not invest big immediately not unless you have your money prepared. Lastly, do not choose a marketing method that … Read more

Translation Service Now Open All Hours

Translation Service Now Open All Hours

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Thanks to an exciting new service being launched by antipodean translation company New Lingo, no business need ever be lost for words again – whatever the time of day or night!
For New Zealand’s leading Internet language services company recently added a new string to its corporate bow, with the launch of a 24-hour translation service.

Given the 24/7 culture which prevails in international business circles, this news will undoubtedly be sweet music to the ears of New Lingo’s many clients worldwide. New Lingo is a perfect example of the new breed of virtual” companies, and its pedigree is impeccable. Established only three years ago, the dynamic language services provider has a well-deserved reputation for excellence, due in no small part to a policy of having every translation independently proof-read. Moreover, with all staff home-based, New Lingo’s operating costs are kept to a minimum – a benefit which is passed directly on to their clients in the form of highly competitive rates.

As language experts who pride themselves on their state-of-the-art translation technology solutions, New Lingo staff are renowned for their ultra-modern approach to business. Indeed, in the words of Christof Schneider, chief of operational improvements at New Lingo: This new service is just the latest in a series of technology-enabled firsts. It offers organizations which operate under time-critical conditions an immense commercial advantage.” He continues: “It also gives our clients complete peace of mind to know that while they’re sleeping, the … Read more

NEWSWIRE – Press Release Distribution Software

NEWSWIRE – Press Release Distribution Software

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Press release distribution software can be used to submit your press release to places like Google News, the big search engines, and social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, etc.
This service is offered by a lot of companies, but there are certain advantages you get with NEWSWIRE that can really help you with your press release distribution.

They guarantee that one or more journalists will pick up your press release and write a follow up article, publish a news report, or conduct an interview.

Newswire guarantees that your article will be picked up by a journalist and they will write and distribute a follow up article based on what you have submitted to Newswire. This means that your Press Release produces more than just traffic; it starts an immediate response by the media to your company’s announcement.

The software will distribute your work to a variety of electronic and print media sections. Your press release will be distributed to U.S. newspapers, Online News sites that are global, social media outlets where people interact, radio stations and television as well.… Read more

Top 3 Tips researched to get your website on the Top

Top 3 Tips researched to get your website on the Top

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Tip 1: Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is either taken very lightly or taken so consciously that the results are undesirable. Give around 30% of your time to understand what exactly is your business requirements or on what products/services would you get more business. What exactly are you planning to target and what is your Audience? Conduct a market analysis of it and filter our 10 key phrases that best suit your business. If your website is fresh and /or you have just started with your online business, target light-weight (less-researched) key phrases. Go for targeting more of long-tailed key-phrases rather than single key-words. Give proper Title and Meta, appropriate Alt tags. Check your content is relation to your Meta you have kept and see that your page gets easily downloaded.

Tip 2: Link Building

Once you are done with On-page optimization, put your best of efforts to gain as many inbound links you can. There are multiple ways that you can work on to achieve a golden value for your website. At the outset, submit your website URL to 100+ Search Engines and 500+ Quality online directories that give you quality link-backs. Write good relevant articles and submit them into quality Article sites. You may also submit your Press-notes into quality Press-release directories. Put your Ads into free classified directories. You may also go for link-exchange campaigns but Google has stopped giving much … Read more

Flipping Properties

Flipping Properties

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If you want to maximize your profits off of a property, then the way to do it is to flip properties. Flipping properties is a term that is commonly used in real estate. It is where someone will walk into a property, put in some small changes, and resell the property for more profit. If you want to invest little and make more, then this is a great way to get into the real estate business.

Usually, you will begin to flip a property by finding a home that is under priced for the current real estate market. These are usually called ‘fixer-upper’ homes and are available all the time on the market. Any type of foreclosure, home at an auction, or a home that has been neglected can be bought for a lower price. Flipping properties will most likely be done by dealers or retailers, but it is possible for anyone to take part in the art of flipping properties.

After you have found a home that needs some fixing, you will buy it like you would any other home. Usually, you will be liable for going through the mortgage process and will sign a deed of trust for the property. When you do this, you will want to make sure that you do it as a business instead of an individual. As soon as the paperwork is done, you can move into the home, make some changes, and put it back on the market … Read more

Learn Any Game With One Of These Tips

There are so many diverse activities console to utilize today. A majority of these game titles might be enjoyed with a laptop or computer, even when you may not have a committed unit. If you have any kind of inquiries with regards to in which in addition to how to work with rollex11, it is possible to e mail us at our web site. Keep reading to learn approaches to increase with an already wonderful hobby.

Don’t use the word of the small on whether a game title is suitable for them. If a video game is rated M for fully developed, there is usually a good reason for this. Research your options about the very hot new online game your child is begging for. Ensure it is one thing you want them enjoying before you decide to spend money on it.

Try booking game titles prior to buying them. It is difficult to know if you can expect to just like a label or otherwise. As a result, go to a retailer that rents videos and game titles. On the whole, you can rent payments a game title for some money, along with the cash is normally well worth it. You may determine if your video game is a good obtain or not.

Know your charts inside the games that you are currently taking part in. Knowing the terrain is really important to winning. Where most effectively work areas by which to cover up and ambush your opponents? … Read more

Top 5 Pin-To-Win Ideas On Pinterest

Top 5 Pin-To-Win Ideas On Pinterest

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Interest has become one of the most important social media sites in the world. It has made significant in-strides which led to some degree of interest from online marketers. Now, interest has become a new avenue to engage with customers. This means a lot for product exposure and boosting product sales.
Marketers use Pin-to-win contests to create buzz and traction to encourage users to spread word about their products and maximize exposure.
The contests provide useful marketing information to marketing people that is valuable in the success of a product. Here are some good ideas on how to launch a good Pin-to-win contest on interest that could even work in other local media networks.
1. Easy mechanics. While a Pin-to-win contest seems easy, it really boils down on how you lay down the mechanics. A contest would become more successful if the joining mechanics are relatively easy. Interest is not designed to track the pinned entries that would determine who gets the prize. The social media structure does’to support the contests in itself compared to other local media networks.
The result of interest’s inability to support contests has driven marketers to launch contests that are pretty difficult to join.Marketers have asked people to do a lot of tasks before they can join in. One example is to ask a user to follow an account and then create a pinboard. Afterwards, users are asked to pin a minimum number of pictures to the … Read more

Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

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In order to have a secured life, it is important to make sure that one has affordable health insurance.
Not everyone can afford to be hospitalized in this day and age, what with the high cost of medications and diagnostic tests. It is therefore a puzzle why despite this, most people continue their habits that they know would be detrimental to their health in the long run. These include consuming fatty, unhealthy food, which leads to obesity in some individuals, cigarette smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, lack of exercise and using prohibited drugs.

Following a healthy lifestyle does not automatically assure one of a disease and illness free life. No matter how good a person takes care of himself, unforeseen things can still happen. The healthiest person you know might wake up the next day feeling dizzy and weak, and discover that he is a diabetic. People are getting sick everyday, yet salaries are not increasing. Not everyone can afford individual health insurance but fortunately, some companies and organizations offer group health insurance.

Group health insurance policy is a policy that covers the medical expenses of many people, instead of just a single person. With a group health care insurance policy, all eligible people are covered regardless of age or physical condition. Thess group health insurance policies are usually more successful. Group members are not as scrutinized like those with individual health insurance programs.

The advantages of group health insurance include cheaper costs because the … Read more

Marketing Digital Products With Resell Rights – How Do You Do This?

Marketing Digital Products With Resell Rights – How Do You Do This?

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There are all kinds of digital products with resell rights that you can get to sell. However, marketing digital products with resell rights can be hard to do when you don’t know how to do it. One of the most important things that you can do is to educate yourself on how to market on the internet. You won’t be able to learn this in one day. Your education will be an ongoing process no matter how long you are in business. So what is the best way for you to start marketing digital products with resell rights?

First, you need to decide what type of marketing you want to do. In other words you want to find out how much of a budget you have to work with. This will help you decide whether you need to use the free marketing methods or the paid marketing methods. The free ones will take you more time to start seeing results. You will get faster results and start making money sooner if you can use some of the paid advertising methods that are available. So this is very important for you to figure out before you start marketing.

Once you know what your budget is you will be able to start marketing easier. Traffic is what you will need to make money. Let me tell you some ways that you can use to start marketing digital products … Read more

The Art of Business Cards

The Art of Business Cards

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So you have decided to run or you already run your own home based business. You have a website up and maybe you’I even submitted some articles to get some one way links.
Don’to overlook a great source of inexpensive advertising. Consider buying or even designing your own business cards. Your cards don’t have to be elaborate. If your business is strictly web based then make sure your name, email, and website address are listed. Perhaps include a small blurb about the site. If you are a Virtual Assistant, make sure and list some kind of mailing address (even if it means getting a PO Box). Let’s face it, people are leary if they don’t know where we are actually located.
The web is full of great graphics you can use. My advice: KISS. Keep It Simple Silly. A busy card is an overlooked card. Keep your car clean and professional. You can get a package of business card paper at Wal-Mart for about four dollars. There are also some places on the web that you can buy them from at great rates.
Now, go and give them out. Most Wal-Marts and local supermarkets have free bulletin boards. Put one there. A lot of restaurants have a little bowl, you can drop your card into to try and win a free lunch.
Remember, your business card should reflect your personality and your professionalism… Read more

Steps On How To Succeed In Mobile Marketing (2)

Steps On How To Succeed In Mobile Marketing

With all of the different types of marketing that exist, it might be hard to track down what works best with which media type.
In the case of mobile marketing, it is pretty easy to narrow down not only what media you want to focus on but also what audience. Read this article for some great tips.

When advertising to customers through mobile marketing, make yourself and your brand is known immediately. Customers are less likely to buy products or services from those who don’t identify themselves right away. Doing so will make you seem more trustworthy, and make your products and services seem more appealing.

Be consistent with your messaging volume. You should always let your customer know in advance how many messages you plan on sending out per week or month. When you do this, your customers know what to expect and will be waiting to hear from you. Make a good schedule and stick to it.

If you are sending out text messages or any other type of materials to customers via your mobile marketing campaign, make sure that you keep the file sizes as small as possible. Some people have serious bandwidth limitations and cannot receive or store large file sizes. Anything that is too big will just be ignored.

Mobile marketing is one of the most personal ways that you can keep in touch with your customers. This is important to know because you can specialize content … Read more

Legit And Advice About Internet Shopping

Internet shopping is gaining popularity. Because people are actually hectic more than ever before, they can be performing their online shopping to make sure they do not have to drive or go walking to the retailer. Remain-at-residence mommies do online shopping to be able to aid save money. If you have any inquiries relating to the place and how to use backpack fashion leather and canvas, you can make contact with us at our own internet site. Shopping on the internet can genuinely be an effective way to save the two time and cash even so, this calls for understanding some suggestions. This short article will outline for you techniques on reaching this.

When you are shopping on the web, you need to only store at reliable shops. In case the retailer lacks a strong reputation, you could be asking for issues. Some individuals have had their visa, or master card and personal information, and facts robbed from purchasing on lower than respected websites. Be cautious and shield your private information.

An incredible idea to keep in mind when you’re thinking of shopping on the internet is to make sure the web page is authentic. You don’t want to be providing your bank card details off to someone who may potentially rip-off you. Usually consider the site to tell if it’s specialist and safe for use.

Ensure that you go through all the information about any product you are considering acquiring. Simply looking at an internet based impression is … Read more

Zune Hits The Streets

Zune Hits The Streets

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Zune is upon us, and if you weren’t aware of it you are among the few that the Microsoft marketing machine has missed. Run a Google search on the name, and the first six results listed are all websites – or more accurately, domain names – produced by Microsoft and containing their promotional material.

Jane is the Microsoft MP3 player, available on the market for just a few weeks now. It has a thirty gigabyte hard drive, three-inch square video LCD, and costs two hundred and fifty bucks. There are a couple of features that the iPod doesn’t have: the Anne has some “preloaded” music on it from contemporary artists; it also has wireless transfer capability so that one Zune can ship music or photos to another Zune over a short distance. Overall, however, it’s fair to say that, in its current format, the tune does not represent a significant improvement over the iPod, or a compelling reason to pick it up if you already have an iPod.

Microsoft would have you see it a little differently. They are casting the Zune player as the first in a series of products to be released under its Zune brand. “Designed around the principles of sharing, discovery and community, Zune will create new ways for consumers to connect and share entertainment experience…With Zune, we are not simply delivering a portable device, we are introducing a new platform that helps bring artists closer to their audiences and … Read more

Dont Wait Profit With Social Network Websites

How to be ready before your competitors for Digital Marketing.
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The first step to getting the most out of social network websites is to understand what they are and what they can do for you.
Social network websites are designed to facilitate communities between like minded people. Some of the more popular social networking websites are Facebook and MySpace.

These social networking websites are general-networking websites that are designed to facilitate the communication between people all over the world through chat mediums, messaging mediums, communities and networking, commenting, photo sharing and more. This is not where the social network website concept ends, however, as there are social network websites for every niche and interest under the sun, including social network websites for dating, business networking, investing, sharing media and news, niche interests, music, art, students and so much more.

Everyone can benefit from community social websites if they enjoy communicating with other people. Businesses can benefit from social networking by reaching out to their customers through their profiles. Individuals can benefit from social networking by meeting new people, making new friends, and developing new interests and activities by gaining exposure to a completely new world.

MySpace, Facebook and other general social networks offer exposure to videos, photos, music, blogging, commenting, groups and networks and other forms of media sharing and communication. Niche websites like Ravelry, which is a community site for knitters on Deviant Art, which is an art based social website are designed to gather people with similar interests, aspirations or goals so that they can share … Read more

Business Card Printing

Business Card Printing

Trading of business cards in the business industry is a common and normal practice usually among business owners and corporate executives. This process is one of the marketing tools that show the front line image of every business entities. The cards are being used to create the first contact with the existing customers and the target market at the same time.
It is very important for a business card to achieve printing results that will produce cards that are creative and practical in terms of getting you the inexpensive full color effect. But usually we find it hard to choose what type of services does your business card needs.
Taking consideration of the services offered by different print shops in town, try to prefer the one that has a digital art studio which has extensive graphic design process and printing equipment that are technologically savvy. With this service, it ensures to provide you outputs at the soonest time possible. Thus, from traditional offset printing services to custom printing services, you can rely on the benefits that digital printing technology can provide.
Premium materials are also needed to achieve the desired quality output for your cards. Don’t just settle for a cheaper printing cost if the quality of your business card is compromised. Be wise to pick for the right commercial printing company to do the job for you. Of course professional service of a well-trained team is a vital component for the realization of good and effective … Read more

Why You Must Have A Website

Why You Must Have A Website

Social media sites and other networking sites have exploded on the internet in the last five years. Also, as a business, you might have thought of signing up and using the social media sites as a means to find and connect with clients and buyers online. It is a great marketing tool, agreed that you know how to manage it. However, even if you have connected your company in some social networks online, it is still very important to remain in tune and updated in your own company’s website. The fact is, websites still remain as more popular with clients and customers compared to the business pages found on social media sites. Read on and you will find why this is so.
Since you own the website, you have full say on the design and appearance of the site as well as the interface of it. This allows you then to optimize user experience in all the ways that support your business and goals directly. On your website, there is no and never will be a competition. You are the one who controls and moderates what is posted and it is your business and the customer in contact directly. You also have full control over the code, the contents to post and adjustments at will – not like Facebook or other third party sites. You do not own their codes, you can only adjust little on your page and everything is controlled not by … Read more

Top Criticisms Against Using Pinterest

Top Criticisms Against Using Pinterest

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Everyone is excited on the prospects that interest will become as big as other social media sites. All the accolades the site has been getting have translated into solid numbers being crunched. Pinterest is virtually an infant compared to other social networking sites yet it has proved its true worth.
Stop! Yet there are people who are quite skeptical of the chances of interest to earn respect and get its rightful place in the sun. Some pundits believe that Pinterest have innate defects that will spell its doom. Interest is having a honeymoon period as of the moment. Time will come that people will dump this new service because it did nothing to address its native defects.
Interest has been growing at a phenomenal rate. So incredible some brands are literally jumping on the bandwagon wanting a piece of the Pinterest pie. There are brands are pinning and repining like crazy just to harness the new-found power provided by interest. What makes this phenomenon so unique is the fact that Pinterest provides is nothing new. It combines social media with social bookmarking. Yeah, social bookmarking just like Delicious, right? Delicious… remember the site?
This early some pundits Pinterest will die because of some defects and when left unaddressed could prove its death knell. To sum up, here are some of the things that the critics have to say about interest.
No new pins. Interest is a cool place to discover new things. It … Read more

Work At Home Craft Business

Work At Home Craft Business

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An at home craft business would be like a dream come true for many people who have that creative flair. They would be able to do something they love, and earn their living by doing it, the best of both worlds.

There are many different kinds of at home craft businesses, all of which can be very successful for the owner. Many artists have made their favorite craft into a business for themselves, crafts such as woodworking; flower pressing, soap making, candle making, crocheting, and beading all have turned profits.

If you are a man, don’t automatically assume that you can’to have a successful at home craft business. It is often thought that crafting is something that only women are good at, but that simply is not true. All you have to do to have a successful at home craft business is to focus on your talent, use it to create beautiful items, and then enjoy gaining the profits from the sale of those items.

Woodworking is often thought of as an old-fashioned craft, but the reality is, that very few people can turn down a beautiful handmade wooden piece. From furniture to handmade wooden toys, you should’t have to worry about people not wanting your crafts, as they are all very popular, especially of late.

You should be familiar with all the ins and outs of woodworking, and it should be something that you really enjoy doing. If this description fits you, … Read more

How To Get Affordable Supplemental Health Care Insurance For Seniors

How To Get Affordable Supplemental Health Care Insurance For Seniors

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Are you familiar with supplemental health care insurance?
Many people are not; these days, most people sign up with their employer-sponsored health care insurance plans, or purchase individual health care insurance plans if their employers do not provide health benefits. While these methods work for many individuals, seniors should consider purchasing affordable supplemental health care insurance.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about supplemental health care insurance for seniors.

What is supplemental health care insurance?

Simply put, supplemental health care insurance kicks in and pays for what your regular health insurance policy does not.

Why should seniors consider purchasing supplemental health care insurance?

Seniors don’t always have the steady income that younger individuals have. If a senior’a regular health insurance plan doesn’to cover a significant portion of health care services, it may be difficult for the senior to pay for the gap between what is covered and what is not. Some seniors have a nest egg set aside to handle situations such as these; some even have separate insurance policies they can fall back on, such as life insurance policies. However, not all seniors have the extra money set aside to cover the gap in health care insurance; an affordable supplemental health care insurance would work for them.

What does supplemental health care insurance provide?

The kind of coverage available with an insurance plan always depends on the insurance company from which you purchase the … Read more

Make Your Mobile Marketing Boom With These Excellent Tips! (4)

Make Your Mobile Marketing Boom With These Excellent Tips!

Could mobile marketing be the next great edge in your business promotion?
You could find a great set of skills and strategies to put forth in your mobile marketing efforts, but you want to stop first and take note of these great steps that are going to ensure your success in the practice.

When you are emailing your mobile marketing messages, you want to make sure that you have the customer’s first name, and use it! When a message feels personal, people will probably read it. Spend a little time so that you are giving your customers a feeling that they can trust you.

Getting a webcam and setting up a Skype account to have a face-to-face with your customers is a great way to handle mobile marketing if this fits your business. Not every person out there wants to be that personable in business, but if you have affiliates working for you or some seriously loyal customers, this is a good move to stay in contact with them, in a personal way.

Treat mobile and social media like a legitimate source of real business. Just because much of it happens on a tiny screen doesn’t mean the opportunity is small. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Mobile and social media are two of the fastest growing marketing outlets available today. Be sure to build a mobile strategy for your brand.

Know your hours. You do not want to be messaging … Read more

Get Your Name Out There With These Wonderful Tips

It’s very hard to make it in an online business if you’re not willing to put in the research to figure out how to approach things like article marketing. You need traffic online, so remember that sham techniques and encompassing social approaches just don’t work for specific markets. Ignore the one-size-fits-all marketing approach you think works, and use this advice to correctly advertise in your market.

Have patience and keep at it. Most people fail to see the efforts that they put into article marketing to turn into anything fruitful, simply because they give up before they reach their goals. Reaching your goals do not happen overnight, but if you are patient and stick to it, it will happen eventually.

When you are writing articles to attract people to your products or business, you must be catchy and entertaining! If people find you boring, it is much less likely that they will spend money for whatever service or goods that you provide. Grab their attention, and the next thing you know, you’ll be grabbing their money, too!

Expand your success with your article by posting it on social media sites. Social media can be a successful tool with article marketing, just as long as you do not ever post your article. Social media is very convenient if you already use it as a part of your everyday life, You do not need to spend additional time and energy because you are already visiting the sites for personal use!

For maximum … Read more

How To Start Your Own Export Business

How To Start Your Own Export Business

Export has been around since the earliest forms of business trade. In fact, it is through the business of export that new lands have been discovered, wars have been fought, and international business relationships have been established. Today, many people are discovering that operating an Export business is just as exciting, adventurous, and financially rewarding as it was for the early explorers.

When one envisions an Export business, they tend to imagine huge corporations that have made their millions in international trade, however research has shown that the majority of Export businesses are owned and operated by small businesses and sole proprietors.

Your first step in operating an Export Business is to choose which type you would like to operate. Some of the most popular Export Businesses include: Export Trading, Export Merchants, and Export Management Companies. Export Trading is the art of discovering what foreign and international markets want to buy and finding the goods. Then, the company or Individual then arrange to export the goods to the buyer.

An Export Merchant is a business or individual who obtains goods and then resells them to foreign markets. This type of export business may deal in many different items, and not just one specific market. They are in business for themselves and dona to works on commission or percentages.

An Export Management Company is a company that handles a business’ exports needs. Suppose there is a company that would like to begin distributing … Read more

Top 5 Creative Brands & Their Key To Pinterest Success

Top 5 Creative Brands & Their Key To Pinterest Success

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In this planet where there are around two billion Internet users and terabytes of data being exchanged, it is pretty hard to get noticed. Especially you need to get noticed to get your products moving. Tweets just roll past you like an avalanche as Google comes up with new things and updates itself every so often. Facebook ticks and tells us that there is a notification for us waiting. It is an endless barrage of information and somebody needs to be at the middle of it to get noticed. The negative response to this is to buy your way through the Internet jungle to get noticed. Then again that would be expensive. You can crowdsource your marketing with a very good grasp of social media.
Big companies have it easy because their money can buy spots to attract media coverage. No sweat, easy pickings. Yet big brands such as Coca-cola with all its marketing might realized that it cannot be left out of the social media stream. They knew that the interest and the story that their Facebook fans and Twitter followers create will be more effective than any advertising campaign.
This is the reason why Coca-cola has decided to devise a plan they called liquid content. Liquid content is the new way of engaging people and an effective social media engagement strategy. It opens to a greater connectivity and empowerment of its customers like never before.
What … Read more

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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Utilizing online distributions methods to promote products is known as digital marketing.
This approach is both time saving and cost effective. Digital marketing is done through items such as cell phones, SMS, MMS, instant messaging, websites, emails, banner advertisement and digital billboards.

Digital marketing involves some of the techniques of direct marketing and Internet marketing. In digital marketing traditional methods of promotions are executed digitally. It involves marketing in two forms, pull and push.

Pull digital marketing requires the user to pull or extract the content directly. The customer has to approach the promotional matter and see the matter by himself. Examples are websites, forums and web logs. All these require clicking on a URL in order to view the content. The content that is being displayed does’t have to follow any guidelines. Effort is required to only display the content on the website or forum and there is no additional cost of sending the information to the customer, but the customer has to make the extra effort of reaching to the content.The customer does’t have to opt-in for such kind of promotion and one message is being viewed by all and it cannot be personalized. The customers who see the content cannot be traced, although the click through rate can be considered which gives details about the number of clicks the message received. This is to be done by enabling the click through tracking during the campaign, which records the information.

Push digital marketing technologies … Read more

Steps On How To Be Successful In Mobile Marketing (3)

Steps On How To Be Successful In Mobile Marketing

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Picture this, you have a way of reaching exactly the type of audience you want and it can be done through something that they hold close to their heart…literally.
Mobile marketing is one of the greatest forms of marketing when done right. Read on if you would like to find out more.

You need to be certain that you’re describing a benefit well to people in mobile marketing. It’s not enough just to be short and to the point. You also need to be very poignant as to what you’re speaking about. This means directness is required in telling a customer exactly how they will benefit by following your link.

Remember when mobile marketing that not every mobile device is the same and thus the content you develop needs to cater to the general field and not anything overly specific. For instance: Some people have slower connections than others, while others have smaller screen sizes. Be encompassing and not specific.

Even if someone subscribes to your messages, they may still want to unsubscribe for whatever reasons, so make it easy for them to do so. In every single message that you’re sending out via mobile marketing, make sure you’re including an unsubscribe link so that people can opt out if they choose.

Build exclusivity and status into your mobile marketing. Mobile devices themselves have become aspirational. Phones, tablets and even some mobile apps have become symbols of status. Follow … Read more

How To Engage Your Target Market Using Pinterest

How To Engage Your Target Market Using Pinterest

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The call of social media today is more engagement by businesses to its target market. But, with time is of the essence, you need to use the most effective means available. You need to be able to drive traffic to your external website. Putting articles on the feeds are not just enough. It is important that you are able to leverage the power of emerging social media such as interest.
Interest has attracted a lot of marketers because of its potential. The numbers speak for itself Pinterest is the hottest social media around. Gaining around 3 million users in December 2013 alone, interest is the fastest-growing social media. It has earned third place behind Facebook and Twitter as top social media dogs.
Engaging your target market needs full knowledge on how interest works. Once you know how it works it would be easy to engage with your target market and earn Pinterest success. Joining interest is the first step to engage with your target market. How could you possibly harness the potential of this emerging social media if you are not in it? Joining Pinterest is free so you need not worry about costs.
Upon joining you need to follow the big winners. It is recommended that you follow the influencers in interest. Following influential winners will give you a better view about the trends in the industry. For example, if you are a furniture maker it is great to … Read more

Guidance On Acquiring A Cash Advance If You Are Short On Funds

If you have a pay day loan you should repay, you may be wanting to do so rapidly. If you have any sort of questions regarding where and exactly how to utilize bad credit car loans toronto, you can contact us at our internet site. You might also want to avoid the need to ever make an application for a different one. You may have obtained promotional fabric giving online payday loans and wondering just what the net is. No matter the case, this informative article should help you out in this case.

One particular factor to remember about payday loans is the attention it is usually very high. If determined every year, the fascination billed on standard payday loans could be in the area of 200 percent. By means of loopholes in usury laws, these firms avoid restrictions for better rates of interest.

There are state legal guidelines, and regulations that exclusively deal with payday cash loans. Usually these companies have discovered methods to work close to them legitimately. If you do join a cash advance, usually do not feel that you will be able to find out of it without having to pay them back completely.

When choosing a pay day loan company, completely investigating them? There are numerous options available in terms of pay day loan companies for that reason, it is very important to utilize a respected financial institution. Explore numerous websites to get testimonials of various borrowers.

Before you take out that payday loan, … Read more

Why Pinterest Hit Big In Such A Short Period

Why Pinterest Hit Big In Such A Short Period

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The numbers will speak for itself. Interest has about 12 million users and 10 million page views a month in the United States alone. It has surpassed Yahoo in generating organic traffic and has become a strong third in the social media rankings. This achievement comes just a little over two years from its launch.
The phenomenal rise of interest is nothing short of astounding. The speed of its rise is akin to the escape velocity. But why did interest grew so big in such a short period of time? What has Pinterest has done to become so popular when the idea behind it is not exactly revolutionary?Pinterest is a cross between social media and social bookmarking. Pinteresthas become a huge success because of the way it tells a story to the world, less words more pictures.
With human’s ever increasing obsession about social media; it comes as no surprise that interest would try its luck. We have seen a lot of social media sites that allows you to ask a question, to rate places and even tell the whole world where you are at. Interest offers its ability to connect and expose brands to a lot of people through the magic of pictures.
Interest allows you to connect with like-minded people even you don’t know them from Adam. Once a person creates a Pinterest profile there is no stopping their heart’s content on what to pin. They can … Read more